Luis Corchon Attends Esperienza Ferrari – Exclusive Test Drive Event Hosted by Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale


Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale played host to Esperienza Ferrari 2021, one of the company’s most prestigious test drive events. The weekend showcase of luxury and glamor brought Ferrari enthusiasts and owners a once-in-a-lifetime experience that highlighted the lifestyle of the Ferrari brand. At the center of it all was a fleet of Ferrari test drives that have become a dream come true for many. 

The invitation-only event was also a grand US unveiling of Ferrari’s newest models: the Ferrari 812 GTS and the Ferrari SF90. Other models showcased at the Ferrari Esperienza driving event were the Ferrari Roma, F8 Spider, and F8 Tributo. It’s no secret that Ferrari is one of the most prestigious brands globally, for cars as well as luxury and lifestyle. 

Esperienza Ferrari 2021 occurred at an 18-million-dollar waterfront mansion provided by South Florida real estate icon Florida Luxury Homes. 

Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale owners Garrett and Patricia Hayim and Vice President of Marketing John-Martin Vogel attended the event. In addition to the event’s luxurious test drives, guests also experienced a tour around the grand estate with signature espresso and choice Bodvar House of Rosé and Antinori Super Tuscan wine. An expert team from Ferrari Atelier personalization center attended to finalize tailor-made touches to guests’ selections. 

Filming the event was Corchon Creative, a media production collective from Miami. The Miami-based firm has been focused on creating videos for the Italian brand. Through a combination of FPV drone and ground shots,  Director Luis Corchon filmed some exhilarating video of the cars in motion. 

The new Ferrari SF90 unveiled during the weekend celebrations is the company’s first hybrid electric car. The model boasts optimal performance, accelerating from a standstill to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and 0–200 km/h in 6.7 seconds. The SF90 boasts a top speed of 340 km/h. The merging of its sports car-oriented performance and gilded design make it a top choice for exotic car owners and collectors worldwide.

All in all, the Esperienza Ferrari 2021 has opened up a door of dreams and aspirations for enthusiasts and existing Ferrari owners. To see the official video of the event, visit Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale’s youtube page.