Luke Guy of LG Solutions Is Helping Businesses Get Heard Like Never Before


Luke Guy, the owner of LG Solutions, is helping people from small businesses to influencers gain small fame online by being published, interviewed on podcasts, & featured within news articles.

It is important to know the fundamentals of putting out content to the public to gain credibility. Posting social proof is key to winning. The more of this you post the more conversions you get. However, many are getting started and don’t have a lot to brag about.

That’s where Luke comes in with his solution. By getting you featured in many places of authority you have something to talk about on your profiles that brings power to your name.

He has been in this arena since 2013 and has helped hundreds of business owners and influencers get on top of the publicity game. Luke himself has had years of experience with media and advertising.

Being someone who knows the power of paid media he has combined this with PR. This is rare when most only teach one or the other. Luke has mastered both which is a powerful combination for those who use it. Most do not know the right way to enter this arena for scaling up their business and thus Luke has decided to help them  achieve this.

News sites and podcast producers are hungry for new and exciting information every day. One has to build a healthy relationship with the press as it can be a backbone for sales.

Luke has incorporated deep real-life insights in order to do this well. He has carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized tried and tested methods from real-life case studies.

Luke aims to teach people to use the fame they get with the features to gain more clients and level up what they do.