Mahika Sharma: My Parents Were Disappointed When I Came to Mumbai To Become an Actress


Actress Mahika Sharma, who has been seen in shows such as F.I.R and Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai, says that her parents never wanted her to become an actress. “I remember my parents never supported me to pursue a career here, in the entertainment industry. I came to Mumbai, disappointing them. I had no source or contact in this new city,” she recalls. National Pet Day 2021: Mahika Sharma Feels People Should Only Adopt Pet If They Are Ready to Be Responsible.

The actress says that she turned to spirituality and prayer to sustain herself. “I gained guts by just trusting Lord Hanuman, and always had a pocket Hanuman Chalisa with me. I still keep the book with me whenever I go out with a trust that it protects and helps me,” she says. Mahika Sharma: Lockdown Has Made Navratri Fasting Difficult.

Now, she says that her mother has slowly warmed up to her being an actress. “My dad is not there anymore but I have my mom now. I wasn’t even in touch with her and we only started communicating last year, since the pandemic. We are talking to each other now and she loves me,” she says.

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