Mahika Sharma Urges Everyone to Consider House Helps as Family Member, Asks to Support Them in COVID-19 Crisis


Actress Mahika Sharma urges people to support part-time domestic help during these tough times, as the country battles COVID-19. “I request people to consider their helps as a family and stand by them in such difficult times. I’m making sure to pay their rent, kids’ school fees, also help with food and medical requirements,” Mahika says. Mahika Sharma: My Parents Were Disappointed When I Came to Mumbai To Become an Actress.

She adds: “The lockdown might force businesses to close and lay off workers or not pay them wages. This again highlights the insecure working conditions of workers. These workers have small incomes and little savings and so they cannot stock up on essentials to survive weeks of lockdown.” The actress adds that times are tough and one must try to do as much as one can to help each other. Bigg Boss 14’s Aly Goni Reveals Most of His Family Members Are COVID-19 Positive From Last 9 Days.

“It’s sad that many people are losing their lives to the virus. I can relate to the pain of their families. But it’s time to stay strong and united. I feel at this time, performing and spending a big amount in rituals is not important. One needs to use the money to save someone’s life. People planning a wedding should not spend a lot on outfits, gold, or parties. They can spend the money on helping someone,” she says.

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