Man carves out one-off 2021 Land Rover Defender 110 X from wood


The winner of the 2021 World Car Design of the Year award, Land Rover Defender has spectacular looks and demeanour. Falling for its design language, a wooden expert carved out a Land Rover Defender 110 X version 2021 entirely from wood.

The one-off wooden SUV, commissioned by his friend, has been detailed in a way that it looks like a perfect miniature of the life-size model. The wooden model has movable tyres and doors as well as working headlights and rear lights.

On the outside, the artist has used dark-coloured wood for things like the scuff plates, windows and sunroof. All these small elements have been intricately detailed. Elements like door handles, tow hooks, running boards and windshield wipers add to the overall realism of the vehicle.

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The four doors and the side-opening trunk gate fully open to reveal the interior complete with seats, dashboard, door cards, center console, and a moving steering wheel. Under the wooden hood that opens, there is a fully detailed engine bay.

One of the other moving components includes the suspension setting. The wood artist used a separate chassis piece for the suspension to be made. Ironically, the wooden Land Rover has something that the real Defender does not – a body-on frame-construction.

In a video posted by the artist on his YouTube channel, he can be seen working on the Land Rover Defender from the scratch. He uses different tools to carve out the details on the body panels. First, he works on the body block and then goes on to work on the smaller details of the wooden SUV. His video description reads, “Land Rover Defender with a new design, it still retains a strong beauty. I was impressed with the front end, this type of light, it has a nostalgic look and is still the impressive rear tyre.”