Man jumps through window to stop out-of-control car in Albania


In a horrific footage captured on camera, a man makes a running jump inside a car through its window in Albania’s capital in order to stop a vehicle that went out-of-control.

A silver hatchback drove into the city’s Skanderbeg Square where dozens of cameras were set up to report on the country’s general elections. The footage shows the car moving in circles inside the Square area while various people come over to stop the car.

Its wheels can be screeching and its bonnet broken, indicating that it was involved in an accident before reaching the Skanderbeg Square area. The driver of the vehicle seemed to have triggering absolute chaos, so much that pedestrians can be seen running for their lives.

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At one point, several men can be seen attempting to pull the driver out of the car by opening one door but are unsuccessful. The driver keeps his foot on the gas and drives around in circles.

Suddenly, a man can be seen making a running jump and landing feet-first inside the car through its window, forcing the vehicle to finally come to a halt. Before long, he is joined by a dozen of men who help him stop the car and pull the driver out of the silver hatchback.

The 32-year-old driver of the car has been arrested by the Albanian police, who believe that he was driving under the influence of drugs, as reported by BBC. He also reportedly had crashed into three cars in other parts of the city before entering Skanderbeg Square.

A passer-by also suspected that the driver was aiming for the crowd in a possible terrorist attack. The pedestrian square was also a site for Covid-19 vaccination where various people could be seen queuing up to get vaccinated at the time.