Management Solution to Science’s Problem of Studying Consciousness


Professor Gupta offers a precise solution to study Consciousness using our Consciousness for developing a clarified consciousness of Consciousness without contamination by the human-made tools that are not part of the Consciousness: Project VIPIN.

In a new series of twelve books scheduled for 2021, under Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta clarifies a management solution for managing our Consciousness.  His fifth book, What is Consciousness: The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation, is about to be launched. In an exclusive interview, Professor Gupta offers a glimpse of the secrets revealed in the first four books and his fifth book.

What is the value of the management lens to the problem of studying Consciousness?

A scientific study of “consciousness” is one of the major challenges.  If we had Consciousness of the havoc that COVID-19 is going to create, all of us would have taken the precaution to contain it at its point of origin instead of letting it free to invade our homes and nations.

For a holistic understanding of Consciousness, it is best to juxtapose it with the concept of para-consciousness, i.e., what transcends Consciousness.  There are tremendous management implications of understanding Consciousness using the metaphysical lens of para-consciousness. When a manager manages the Consciousness by transcending it, he becomes the subject free from the Consciousness’s limits.  However, he is at risk of becoming dependent on the scientist entangled within the Consciousness seeking to know more about it.

Why is para-consciousness essential for a scientific understanding of Consciousness?

A manager manages the system-level para-consciousness to ascend the Consciousness of what is not present within its Consciousness.  Consciousness is the managed dimension that manages the manager in the face of the void in Consciousness. The para-consciousness is the manageable dimension of Consciousness. It is the borrowed Consciousness. Suppose a manager has the Consciousness of something. In that case, it can manage and descend the para-consciousness to enjoy the system’s zero quantum gravity and, instead, ascend personal gravity as a conscious entity, conscious of the reality.

How does a manager manage Consciousness for managing para-consciousness?

A manager applies reason for managing the Consciousness formed through personal experience. She fills the void in personal experience by developing an intuitive sense of the para-consciousness formed through social experience.  Growing management power reduces the need for borrowing Consciousness from others. Borrowed Consciousness is problematic because it relies on the notional theories (about the relative supremacy of the out-groups), idealized opinions (about the absolute supremacy of the ingroup), and digitalized numbers (about the potential supremacy of the manager, ranking the self as one, the ingroup as two, and the outgroup as three).  By letting the outgroup superposition its gravity over the ingroup, of which one is a part, the manager lets the outgroup illuminate and radiate its Consciousness in the form of the sentient light force.

The ingroup irradiates the emanating light and radiates its force for managing and transforming the manager’s Consciousness.  It lets the manager enjoy ascending the sentient benefit of both the ingroup mediated Consciousness and the outgroup moderated para-consciousness. A strategic manager prioritizes the institutional experience, comprising the personal experience of the ingroup she trusts and cooperates with and the social experience of the outgroup she wishes to dominate. She invests in the strategic surveillance of the social experience of the outgroup as a path for the personal experience enrichment of the ingroup.

Doesn’t an outgroup have a choice not to service its unified Consciousness for the manager’s sentient benefit and mitigate its own sentient cost arising from the manager’s competitive trading?

Indeed, an outgroup “moderates” the para consciousness it shares with the ingroup. Moderation implies the translation of the absolute, i.e., the present, Consciousness into the primeval, i.e., the infinite, consciousness forms. Each outgroup member is a unit of holistic Consciousness within the primeval Consciousness. As a system, the outgroup services the holistic Consciousness of its members as the primeval Consciousness. The energy value of both the integrated “holistic consciousness” and the distributed and fragmented “primeval consciousness” is one.

Each ingroup member trades half of the fragmented primeval Consciousness because it services the other half as part of its holistic Consciousness to the outgroup.

Why would an ingroup service half of its holistic Consciousness to the outgroup it wishes to dominate?

An ingroup “mediates” the Consciousness it gains through the personal correlation with the outgroup.   Mediation implies the inference of the absolute, i.e., the present, Consciousness from the primordial, i.e., the perceptually finite and superior, Consciousness.  The ingroup is keen to trade the outgroup’s primeval Consciousness because it perceives that to be superior in distinguishing the reality.  The ingroup’s perception forms through its personal experience with the disproportionate growth of the outgroup.  However, hidden within the Consciousness of the outgroup’s superiority is the present Consciousness of the ingroup about its potential supremacy.

The ingroup infers the present Consciousness of its potential supremacy from the present paradigm to network the relatively superior primeval Consciousness proficiently. After networking, it exchanges half the relative value of the primeval Consciousness to test the thesis of the absolute supremacy of the primordial Consciousness it already has.

The ingroup is not aware that the holistic value of the primeval Consciousness is one.  It conceives the primordial Consciousness as a self-luminous element for quantifying the growth feasible by trading half the relative value of the primeval Consciousness.

The growth element comprises the three forms of Consciousness—the primeval, the present (also known as the param), and the primordial, in their integrated and distributed forms. Therefore, the energy value of the growth element is six.

Since the growth element is the derived reality of half the primordial Consciousness working as the self-luminous element, the energy value of both the primordial Consciousness and the self-luminous element is twelve.

The ingroup tests an antithesis by servicing half its primordial Consciousness.  The antithesis states that the outgroup’s six-unit growth is self-reproduced by an 18-unit potential, comprising the twelve units of its primordial human Consciousness and the six units of primordial traded Consciousness. It includes a twin thesis that the ingroup’s primordial Consciousness has zero exchange value, as it should be non-tradable and unknown to the outgroup.

By servicing half the holistic Consciousness traded from the outgroup, the ingroup seeks to show its leadership.   The expectation is that since the outgroup has already diffused its entire holistic Consciousness, it would bind its agency into a willing, devoted followership contract for ascending the sentient benefit of the ingroup universe.

Why would an outgroup bind its agency in exchange for trading half the holistic Consciousness it has already serviced? 

Great question!  Why do star scientists ever willing to give their expert comments at the conferences for free and even pay the hefty conference fee, but offer any advice outside the conference arena only if well-compensated and credited for their intellectual property?

There are two types of comments a star scientist shares for free.  First, a comment that reproduces a finding already published by him and well-known reinforces that the audience should be devoting full attention to his work.  Second, a comment that reproduces a finding published by somebody else and not very well-known invites the audience to share their expert comments on the limitations of those findings.

The Consciousness of the limitations of the ingroup’s findings allows a scientist to work as a manager, conceive them as innate to the ingroup, and distinguish himself as a star enjoying legitimate stardom.  When each person in the outgroup is seeking stardom, the entire outgroup works to service half of its holistic Consciousness to the potential ingroup he seeks to make his followers and the other half to the potential outgroup that already believes his leadership. The first mover trades the entire holistic Consciousness from the potential ingroup to become the ingroup member. Since the first mover now is a member of both the groups, he forms a unique group, referred to as the entrepreneurial or trading class, with three units of energy. The ingroup becomes the follower or worker class, with a unit of energy. The outgroup becomes the leader or kingship class with zero energy.  The management guru educating the scientist on being a proficient managing practitioner forms the management or servicing class, with two units of energy.   The ancient Indian manuscripts refer to these four classes as the Vaishya, Shudra, Kshatriya, and Brahmin classes.

How is your work relevant to COVID-19 and its management?

The core cause of COVID-19 is the dominance of the animate carrying the masculine element over the inanimate carrying the feminine element.   The Western culture of mastery of humans over Mother Nature is the defining feature of what ancient Indian manuscripts identify as Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is when time (becoming) shapes the being, and all spaces experience a time-convergent global behavior.  Eventually, each entity who is enjoying the convergent being energy becomes merely a digit in the universe.   At the microscopic level, the culture of the animate dominance manifests as sexual dimorphism, with higher infectivity, morbidity, and mortality of the masculine within each species.  The inanimate feminine element fights back and re-emerges bottoms-up differentiated by each local space. That’s why COVID-19 is having a disproportionate effect on males.

A strategic awareness of the above will help develop cost-effective and rapidly scalable solutions for managing COVID. For instance, recent research at an Indian Institute of Technology shows that a simple yoga exercise Linga Mudra improves breathing in the COVID infected or recovering patients.   In this exercise, one lets the left thumb protrude out while pressing it down with the overlaid right thumb.   The left side of the body comprises the masculine element—it is the cold side of the body. The right (creative) side of the body comprises the feminine element—it is the warm side of the body that radiates its energy for energizing the left, innovative, analytical, and manipulative side.

The COVID-19 harbors the emergence of a new age: the Sat Yuga.   Sat Yuga is the age when the entity within the space realizes that distributing the discredit to time to create the destiny of collecting the credit for mastery over space is not a sustainable path for living a joyful life.  One can’t just enjoy the fate of exploiting the ecological endowments nurtured by Mother Nature as a God-gifted religious right.   Since the process of shifting Consciousness began in early 2020, the new Consciousness will become self-luminous at the mass level in twelve years, i.e., early 2032.   We are testing the limits of digitalization in all spheres of life. There is a growing realization of the need to restore the power of each human in managing their life. Even the most powerful governments, organizations, and persons in the world are beginning to realize that the divinity attributed to them is just an illusion in the face of the wrath of Mother Nature.  It is like how a mother disciplines her child by letting him make all the childish mistakes and even hurt himself to master the technique of living in harmony with everything instead of breaking everything to satiate his discovery-driven mindset.

How to get hold of the first four books in Project Vipin?

The first four books What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, and Is Divine Energy are now available in full and Nutshell editions on Amazon and elsewhere as a paperback, hardcover, digital, and audible forms.

Professor Vipin Gupta is a professor of management and a co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial Science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.