Manzar Bashir- Pakistan’s Leading Business Psychology Expert and Entrepreneur


In terms of basic theory, psychology concerns itself with questions relating to how human beings think, feel, form memories, and exert control over their bodies through their mind and adjust to conditions in the external environment. It is both broad and deep, covering everything from the physics of the brain to philosophy. Nowadays, areas of psychology and mentoring services are constantly expanding. Therefore, the demand for qualified psychologists has increased exponentially, just like Manzar Bashir, who has helped people learn about themselves by teaching them how to get their emotional intelligence to a higher level. He helps people develop their full potential through effective human personality assessment, meaningful coaching, and access to robust online programs. He wants leaders and organizations to grow by increasing self-awareness and improving interpersonal processes.

How did Manzar Bashir start his journey?

Manzar Bashir is a 40-year-old Psychology expert & executive coach from Pakistan. Manzar Bashir had learned about organizational psychology and business psychology during his MBA program. However, he did not just want to be an ordinary graduate. Manzar wished to excel. When he decided that he would start his own consultancy business upon graduating, he knew that organizational & business psychology is the best field to establish a business. But he wasn’t very experienced in this field. Therefore he started looking for some other work. Thus, he started working in the top banks of Pakistan for five years, and finally, in 2011, he started his entrepreneurship journey. He started a company, “Potential Mapping,” where he is the Co-Founder and offers personality tests and assessments backed by powerful coaching programs to help his clients understand themselves better, enabling them to embrace change gracefully.

Who are the current clients of Manzar Bashir?

Manzar works with people, organizations, and government agencies. He has a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and can tailor behavioural interviewing and career assessment techniques to deliver remarkable results. He always had a deep fascination with human nature and believes that everyone is more than what meets the eye. Manzar’s diverse background in business psychology, human resource management, organizational development, business development, management, and critical thinking gave him a unique insight into people’s hidden potential. For a decade and a half, Manzar Bashir has been working in human psychology, researching personality types and how to utilize them to the fullest. This experience has provided him with valuable insight into how the human mind works.

Manzar has helped organizations to be well-represented by recruiting, developing, coaching and evaluating the most suitable individuals for job roles. He has successfully worked with several high-profile clients, including the State Bank of Pakistan, Emirates Group, U.S. Embassy, Editec, and Civil Services of Pakistan. He was part of the team that vetted over 15,000 candidates and correctly identified the best fresh executives to be promoted.

Manzar uses cutting edge personality and behavioural assessments to accurately identify candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, values, and personality traits that predict work success and frequency of job turnover. With the aid of the world’s best assessment tools like Hogan, Giotto, Saville, SOSIE, MBTI, Trait, and EiQ-3D, he has been helping several organizations.

What are the achievements of Manzar Bashir?

In his extensive career, Manzar and his company have achieved a lot. His achievements include working with top executives at a premier league football club and lecturing in Pakistan’s top universities, Punjab University and Lahore School of Economics. Apart from it, He has also conducted assessment-based development programs for the State Bank of Pakistan and Civil Service Academies & recently coached top executive from a premier league football club. He has earned enough respect and acknowledgement in Pakistan. Many of his clients come from referrals, and many have worked with him on multiple projects.

What are the plans and goals of Manzar Bashir?

Manzar has rounded up all his past experiences and knowledge to create a brighter future for himself. In keeping with the name Manzar, his goals are to illuminate potential, inspire present actions, and share knowledge so that everyone can achieve their goals. Manzar aims to provide valuable content in a friendly and collaborative manner to startups around the world and work with senior leaders. His goal is to create affordable courses based on his research and experience. He also wants to work with top executives of different organizations.

What does Manzar offer

If you’re struggling to do something, it’s only because of 2 things.

#1 – Right Knowledge & skillset

#2 – Consistent, Forward Movement and Action

Taking the first step can be a tough task and this is where Manzar’s experience and education come into play. He understands each client on an individual basis and creates a bespoke and sustainable development plan.