Mathew Perry’s Limited Friends Edition Sweatshirt Can Be Yours For Rs 3,280.46; Here’s How And Where To Buy It


Friends Reunion will air on HBO Max on May 27. That’s obviously is great news for Friends fans like us. Those six people aren’t just characters but an extension of our existence. Even though there is a huge cultural divide between us and the US, these six characters have managed to resonate with us for years. Hence the reunion episode will be extremely special. Quite obviously everyone will make hay till it shines and FRIENDS always does. Mathew Perry has started a limited edition FRIENDS merchandise sale on his website. He posted a picture of him wearing a white sweatshirt with the iconic ‘Can I Be More Me?’ written on it. If you want to grab it, you will have to shell out over Rs 3000. Friends Reunion 2021: Have A Mini Reunion With These Iconic Outfits From Friends That Will Always Trend

If you are still interested, you just have to go to Mathew Perry’s website and make the purchase. Just for FYI, David Beckham has already booked one for himself which Perry has confirmed. FRIENDS: 7 Iconic Moments Recreated in the Reunion Trailer That Take Us Back to Central Perk!

Check out Perry’s sweatshirt here…

Now check out the Indian price for the same…

Mathew Perry (Photo credit: Mathew Perry Website)

Friends Reunion is expected to get huge traction on HBOMax but it’s still unclear how people in India will be able to watch it.

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