Meet Angus Onisforou, an Avid Watch Collector & Motor Enthusiast Who Will Soon Set Up His Auction House


“Covid has made this business possible due to the growth of the online e-commerce sector during the lockdown,” says Australia’s Angus Onisforou as he is all set to launch his new business next month. A student of Business/Law at the UTS in Sydney, Angus was amazed to see how business, even small ones, flourished during the lockdown because they had online service option.

It gave Angus Onisforou, an aspiring entrepreneur, more confidence to start something of his own. Next month, Angus is all set to launch his new auction house specialising in Cars and Collectables. The business will be set up in Melbourne in an online format. He says, ” I got into this from being an avid collector of watches as well as being very interested in cars.”

Being a business student has proved a boon for Angus Onisforou, who knows how to judge the market and act accordingly. He has been planning to set up a Cars and Collectables auction house business for months. So he already has strategies prepared in advance, and he is ready to face any new twist that comes his way when his business is in full function. Along with the new venture and his studies, Angus is also a trader of shares and looks after other goods and finance businesses.

Talking about his personal life, when Angus Onisforou was asked to describe a day in his life, he said, “A day in my life is mixed between University and work.” The entrepreneur shares that he enjoys shooting, skiing, and cattle farming, along with being a watch collection and motor enthusiast.

Angus Onisforou is quite excited to launch his business next month. He already has global expansion in mind, so he is ready to give all his best to make sure his venture is a success. Soon on his social media page, he will make an official announcement when his business is officially live.