Meet Baptiste Monnet, Creator of Boost Mind Which Will Soon Become a Hub for Scholarly People With an Active Lifestyle


Boost Mind is an innovative platform that brings together and encourages all people in daily life. This unique idea was the result of the personal struggle of Baptiste Monnet. Baptiste faced terrific events in his childhood. He was born in Ang Thong, also known as “the land of smiles” in Thailand. He was abandoned by his parent and found by a kind soul on the sidewalk. Later he was brought to Switzerland at the age of two. He grew up in Châteauneuf-Conthey which is located near Sion, Switzerland. Such immensely hard times can be devastating for any child but Baptiste was able to pull through the situation.

According to him, the only reason why he survived is his habit of focusing on positivity and believing in himself. It is extraordinary that person went on to become a successful entrepreneur. It was his hard work and sheer will to live life to if fullest is that made him a success.

This was not the first business he started and Boost Mind was shaped by his failure of the past with several other businesses. He never let failure overcome his will; instead, he used failure as a step toward his next goal. According to Baptiste, it doesn’t matter where are you come from or the situation you in, It is your actions that truly define you.

There are always two perspectives of any event in your life. You can choose to focus on what is lost or you can feel thankful for what is saved. Think of your life as a matchbox, it got everything in it; It only needs a spark to shine brightly. Boost mind is that spark that will activate your brain and make you ready for any challenges ahead in life. Boost Mind strives to develop an alternate perspective in the minds of its followers and colleagues where they focus on what is saved and how they can build up further on it.

While It might be a little intimidating to accept the new ideology, beliefs, or perspectives, once you get past that, your mind opens to a whole new dimension. You realize it is ok to ask for help and you should help others too. With Boost Mind, you will feel a surge of positivity in your life and this is what makes you dare to dream, be ambitious and take an extra step towards your goal. Baptiste describes his platform as a ladder that helps people to climb off the negativity in their life and set their eyes on the future as you can change the past but you can take control of your life and make sure you have a better future.