Meet Celebrity Jeweler, Benny The Jeweler — The Guy That’s Outshining The Industry : Reports


We’re sure you’ve seen American rappers and A-list celebrities rocking loaded chains and fully jewel-embellished bracelets, watches, rings, and the like. Y’know, the kind of pieces you stare at and think “this could probably pay off my house”. Well, we’ve got the inside scoop on one of the jewel creators behind these insane pieces and he’s letting us in on how he handles his business.

Beny Nisanov, 30, also known as Benny Da Jeweler, runs his shop out of the Diamond District in New York City. The well-established location has been home to Nisanov’s shop for just over five years, and it usually runs from 10AM-9PM daily. On the outside, it seems like just another jewelry store on 47th Street. But, unbeknownst to many, it’s actually the go-to spot for various celebrities’ high-end diamond shopping. In the last few years, Benny has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars to stars like Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Pop Smoke, and Lil Tjay. Of course, these aren’t just your average pieces shown in the display case of the store that can be pulled and sold on the spot; these are one-of-a-kind, unparalleled custom creations that come from a figment of the customer’s imagination.

Despite what seems like a complicated process, it is actually all pretty simple. The VIP will contact Benny letting him know what kind of piece they want made, whether it’s a word, a name, a design, etc. Benny will then have a rough draft of the design drawn out and, eventually, carved out onto wooden pieces to mimic the final design. These mock pieces are shown to the client for approval along with various options of stone quality and price ranges.

Once Benny gets the green light, it will take around three to four weeks to build and customize the entirety of the piece before it reaches the client. For smaller pieces, the process usually takes around two weeks. Everything is created within the United States, and the majority of it is created in-house by Benny himself.

Pricewise, you can pretty much rack up any six-figure number for one of these custom designs. Lil Tjay laid out a whopping $250,000 for his last purchase from Benny, consisting of a custom diamond pendant reading “CEO Trench Kid” that sold for $100k alone. These pieces can range upwards or downwards from that price point depending on the quality of the jewels, but the minimum price tag is usually around the $10,000 mark.

One of Benny’s most memorable customers to date was the late Brooklyn-bred rapper, singer, and songwriter, Pop Smoke. The artist had been one of the jeweler’s biggest names, along with one of the most loyal customers Benny has had in his eight years of business. In various interviews, Smoke did not hesitate to shoutout Benny’s work when being complimented on his pieces.

The jeweler shares that he had the opportunity to hang with the rapper outside of business, and he became a friend beyond the average customer. On the one-year anniversary of the rappers passing, the jeweler posted a video of himself alongside the rapper, with the caption reading: “1 year went by and you ain’t here but the smoke will never clear! @realpopsmoke rip”.

As a result of the established clientele Benny has been able to obtain over the years, his work has become an exclusivity amongst the jewelry industry. He shares that although he does spend a portion of his time inside the jewelry shop attending customers, he spends the majority of it flying across the country to reach his next client with a custom request. His list of clients is now extremely limited, and he says he is not looking to expand it any further for the time being. Additionally, he’s currently looking to potentially open up another location within the States, but he says the exact location remains undetermined. Follow Benny on Instagram at @BennyDaJeweler or visit his website for more info.