Meet Elizabeth Houston, Taking Over The World of Entrepreneurship as a True Blue Professional


All those stories that instill more hope, positivity and inspiration in us are stories that teach us several things that we must learn to become better individuals. Learning more about the real stories of these people only spreads more motivation in us, which we can use for turning our dreams into a beautiful reality. The rise of certain industries and sectors today are due to the uprise of such talented beings, who leave no stone unturned in taking their niches to the next level and making their mark in their respective industries. We came across one such high-performing woman entrepreneur named Elizabeth Houston, who has been exuding a different level of passion and determination for taking over the world of business with her brand, which is called Finessed Official and boy did she achieve her definition of success? Indeed, she did.

Imagine a 25-year-old single mother and a victim of domestic violence, still going ahead in breaking the shackles of society to create her unique name in the entrepreneurial world. Yes, that is what Elizabeth Houston is for you. She says there came a point in her life where she had to make a bold choice and that’s what she did. She came out of the darkness only to rise high in the sky with her business, which is gradually becoming one of the best in the industry in terms of luxury services.

Elizabeth Houston graduated from a cosmetology school in 2016 and wanted to make people smile and feel good about themselves, and to do that, she chose hair, makeup, and fashion as her path. This led to the initiation of her company named Finessed Official that offers all kind of luxury services to the clients’ location preference. Finessed Official offers robust luxury services like faces (for quality makeup applications), follicles (for beautiful and desired hairstyles, fashion (for providing personal stylists to clients), fitness (for providing personal fitness experts), and food (for informing clients about food that can fuel their finessed bodies).

She wants to develop a group of fitness trainers that can come to her client’s locations and dive into food and recipes to make people look good and feel good. For Elizabeth Houston, success is all about being able to happily live each moment and we can’t agree more, looking at her journey, where she has managed to achieve so much as a self-made entrepreneur while also fulfilling her duties as a mother. Kudos to her.