Meet Jahleel Griffin: Multi 6 Figure Business Coach


A ship in the harbour is safe, but ships are built to set sail. Similarly, as entrepreneurs know, in order to find happiness in our lives we must forgo what is safe and follow what we are built for. For Jahleel Griffin, this meant going against everything that was defined as “success” including leaving his degree in Criminal Justice behind to pursue his passion for fashion and create a clothing line that promotes maximizing your potential and self image no matter where you come from because you create The Label people assign to you. 

Jahleel was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Illinois. He first worked in construction with his dad, starting out at the age of 19, and was paid handsomely, but knew his passion was outside of working for someone else.

“The amount of time and labor I was putting in every single day was excessive, and I couldn’t really see myself doing that for, 20, 30, 40 plus years of my life and continue to have that same income,” says Jahleel.

Jahleel went to Lindenwood University, majoring in communications with a full scholarship to play football. Although Jahleel enjoyed the creative aspect of his education in communications, due to the concern of having a difficult time finding a job in his field, he switched majors and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Jahleel completed his post secondary education with the intent of finding a good job, however he couldn’t ignore the entrepreneurial spirit that had arisen in him at a young age.

“I officially stepped into entrepreneurship when I purchased a durag from a friend. I posted that same du rag on my instagram story and people were interested in the product. I found a vendor and sold du rags on my own. I was making big profits in sales, so I decided to buy a t-shirt with my logo to market the business. The t-shirts were in high demand as well so I started selling them, and eventually it turned into a full blown clothing line, that I named “‘The Label’,” says Jahleel.

By his last semester of college, Jahleel knew he wanted to build his clothing line, The Label, full time. When discussing his decision to forgo a lucrative career in criminal justice in pursuit of his dream of creating a luxury clothing brand, Jahleel says:

“I realized that entrepreneurship is for me, I did not want to apply for any jobs in my field. I did not want to live by the 40/40/40 rule, work for 40 hours a week, for 40 years, to live off 40% of the income I’ve earned. Growing up I was always into fashion so it was very fitting that I would own my own brand.  However even though I wasn’t working for someone else I was still working. My mentor told me if I did not find a way to make money in my sleep I would be working for it the rest of my life, so the grind continued.”

During the expansion process of The Label, Jahleel realized it was an expensive venture that required a large amount of capital. Through a friend, he was introduced to the foreign exchange market, which was the perfect solution. Jahleel worked tirelessly on this new venture, and to date has created a second business for himself as a mentor and trader in the financial markets.

When discussing the shift his career took in becoming a network marketer and his motivation to give this business his all, Jahleel says:

“While I was in school I would do a lot of internships at rehabilitation centers and I realized the number of  people there are who aren’t able to get jobs because of a mistake they made in the past. People make rational decisions, I realized that forex is a way that anyone can earn a living no matter who or where you are from. I knew that this information was something I needed to share with the world. The rationale of decisions people make are based on lack of information, education is the key. I make sure that my team is educated, have support, and I assist  them to build their own dreams of becoming entrepreneurs themselves. Laying the groundwork for their futures.”

As an entrepreneur, building one brand and business is hard enough – not for Jahleel. He ensured he was expanding in every way possible, and didn’t allow either of his businesses to fall behind. Jahleel intellectuality uses one business to leverage the other. The network built from The Label allowed him to venture in other areas of entrepreneurship such as being a Brand Ambassador and having access to collaborate with other companies. Some of the collaborations consist of one of the top events in Chicago: R&B Brunch, which is hosted by Come Chill Enterprises where Jahleel’s role as the Brand Specialist is to analyze and research data with the market analysis team to decide how to expand the company’s targeted demographic groups. This allowed him to expand as a clothing brand due to consistent growth of his network. 

To date, The Label has had massive success, largely in part due to Jahleel’s diligence in ensuring that his brand provides inclusive pieces that allow people to label themselves in ways words can’t. 

Jahleel’s goal is to turn The Label into a luxury clothing brand. He has already found success in standing apart from other brands through the creativity and passion for inclusivity he has poured into his products.

“Each one of my designs mean something I got somewhere, at sometime – ,” says Jahleel.

One doesn’t build two businesses from the ground up without coming across obstacles and Jahleel is no exception. His best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? People are directly reaching out on his instagram page @jahleelgriffinofficial to know more about Jahleel and his phenomenal brand, The Label.

“The man who says he can, and the one that says he can’t are both right. Life does not stop when problems arise so why should your dreams. Life is going to happen, grow through it, don’t go through it. I advise people to spend more time thinking of a solution rather than dwelling on the problem, it’s more productive that way. Remove those limiting beliefs, that may be what’s preventing you from reaching your full potential. Never close your mind to any opportunity or any information. Stay humble and remember, believing that you can is more profitable than believing that you can’t”