Meet Jamari ‘Multi Milli Mari’ Warren-Hayes: A 25-Year-Old Entrepreneur Building His Empire of Positivity and Success


When thinking of prosperous entrepreneurs, the focus tends to lie on the wealth and power accumulated from the success of their business. Little attention is placed on the mindset and personal development that is pivotal during the trials and adversities faced by any business-owner. Jamari Hayes is a 25 year old entrepreneur who’s story speaks to it all. The spiritual and mental growth Jamari experienced on his journey to building a successful business, will show you that material value is not the only achievement to be gained from a life of entrepreneurship. 

Jamari grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He learned the idea of working for oneself early on, with his very first line of work being car washing with his own clients. He later found a job through an employment program sponsored by his highschool where he worked at a restaurant. Jamari went to Clark Atlanta University and despite completing his post secondary education graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, he already had his heart set on a life of entrepreneurship.

“I wanted to be in the NBA when I was 8 years old, and my mom told me I needed a backup plan. So I chose entrepreneurship and it just stuck ever since.” says Jamari.

Jamari had the opportunity to test out his childhood plans in late 2018 when he was introduced to network marketing. To date, Jamari has found great success in this field, building a network of over 2000 people across the United States through Tradehouse Investment Group. When discussing the value he brings to the lives of many through this entrepreneurial venture, Jamari says:

“Everyday we are creating unity by increasing people’s level of understanding of financial literacy. We teach people how to trade in the financial markets and help new entrepreneurs build businesses for themselves.”

Although Jamari had known since he was 8 years old that he would grow up to become his own boss, he never anticipated the mental and spiritual changes he would undergo on his journey. 

“I got to a very low point in my life, mentally. I was feeling like I didn’t have a purpose or direction and I figured that the only way that I’ll be able to get myself out of this point is if I do things differently. I wasn’t manifesting the things that I envisioned because I wasn’t putting enough of my energy into doing it the right way. Becoming an entrepreneur caused my mindset to shift and I finally started to understand what spirituality means to me and the importance of healing yourself within to love yourself,” says Jamari.

The success Jamari has today is made even sweeter when he looks back at the adversities he overcame and the positive mindset he gained through the process. 

“I was raised in a single parent household. I lived on the West side of Detroit, Michigan so it was kind of rough, just experiencing and witnessing different levels of poverty…but I had shelter over my head, food to eat, I always looked at the positives. My mother always worked hard to make sure I had everything that I needed. It definitely taught me a lot about responsibilities and I had to grow up fairly quickly compared to a lot of kids my age. Despite this, I was given a lot of positivity and encouragement from my parents as well. When my mom married my step dad he was a very successful business owner. Watching him thrive and follow his dreams ultimately gave me the inspiration to be a full time entrepreneur. My mother is also a business owner of a skin care line called “Renee’s Essence”, which is how my skin is so beautiful today. They have taught me to go to school, get good grades and own your own business,” says Jamari.

Now that Jamari has achieved the lifestyle he dreamed of, he continues to make it a priority to incorporate time for spiritual healing and motivation boosting practices in his daily routine.

“I wake up early in the morning, first thing I do is meditate then I listen and speak out my affirmations that will help me raise my frequency. After that I give myself another 30 minutes of visualization.” says Jamari. 

As a successful entrepreneur, trader and mentor, Jamari strives to share his knowledge and guidance with the masses to help them find not only success but a deeper understanding of themselves on a mental and physical level through a positive mindset. His best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? Keep reading!

Make time for things outside of the business“as an entrepreneur your business is automatically going to be the biggest part of your schedule. So you need to make sure that you are making time for other things that are going to bring you peace and spirituality.” 

Master your mindset – “gaining the skills of trading is important but having the mindset to control your emotions will give you longevity in any business.”

Make a decision and stick to it “if this is something that you want to do for the rest of your life then act like it and make it happen – put in the time and work everyday to do something that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.”

Listen to your mentors “they can give you value and they know what they’re doing. Always listen to them – no matter how far fetched it may sound, no matter how crazy it may be. You have this person as your mentor for a reason and that reason is that they were able to achieve what you want and they can show you how to achieve it yourself. The only limitation in building your business is your own doubts.”