Meet Julius Richardson: An Entrepreneur Who Knows No Limits to Achieving Success


We’ve all heard the term, ‘the sky’s the limit’. But in what aspects of our life, if any, do we apply that concept? It’s too easy to place a perceived limit on what we can achieve, especially when obstacles arise in our well laid plans. Meet Julius Richardson, a modern entrepreneur who continuously pushes the limits when it comes to finding success on his own terms.

Julius was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He started his post secondary education at Westchester Community College and completed his studies at Monroe College, graduating with an associates degree in Applied Sciences. Completing his education in the medical field meant Julius was poised for the beginning of a lucrative career, however Julius wanted more.

“Working at a job opened my eyes to the fact that there isn’t always real security. You are replaceable and sometimes it can happen for reasons that are out of your control, for example the pandemic took away a lot of jobs for a lot of people. I knew I couldn’t allow myself to be limited in where my income is coming from,” says Julius.

Looking to diversify his streams of income, Julius was working towards becoming a real estate entrepreneur. So when he was introduced to network marketing by his cousin, at first Julius had his doubts. With his focus on real estate he didn’t see the value in the opportunity, but after some time and due diligence, Julius decided again to remove these self-imposed limits he had placed upon himself in sticking to what he knew, and finally seize the opportunity that was in front of him. And what an amazing decision it turned out to be!

After working tirelessly to build his team from the ground up, Julis has found immense success allowing him to leave his 9-5 for good.

When discussing the transition from the medical profession to entrepreneurship, Julius says:

“I honestly always had that kind of mindset. Even while I was working in the medical field, I’ve always thought bigger for myself. I never wanted to put a limit on anything that I did. 

To date, Julius’ network marketing business has grown exponentially, with his team covering New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Atlanta, California, Nigeria, Jamaica and London. Working with Tradehouse Investment Group, Julius’s main objective is to bring value to the lives of as many as possible, by informing others of the opportunities that are available outside of the norm.

“We don’t have to just follow the normal way of going to school, getting a job and then retiring. You’re working a job until about 65 and then just enjoying retirement for about 20 years. I’m trying to share that knowledge and mindset that not a lot of people have so that they too can live a life of abundance a lot earlier than expected.” says Julius.

To achieve the aforementioned abundance, through his business Julius teaches people the skills required to trade in the financial markets, as well as the personal development needed to lead a fulfilling life. 

“We have business models for learning new skill sets and for personal development. For example in one model you’re able to go through self development every day. So, as a person, each day you’re growing and expanding your mind. We teach people how to invest and keep your investments growing. Once you learn skills like that, they can keep bringing value for you throughout your entire life,” says Julius.

Although Julius has achieved the milestones in business that he has set for himself, he continues to strive for more, to show people with difficult childhoods similar to his own that it is possible to come out of adversity on top. 

“Where I come from, in Harlem, there weren’t too many people that you can look up to that set a proper example. I just want to set that example for everybody from where I come from, so they know that there are other ways of actually coming out of your situation and being successful,” says Julius. 

Despite the obstacles Julius faced during his upbringing, he has created a prosperous business and is able to provide for himself and his two sons who were a big motivation for him in choosing to become an entrepreneur. He continues to focus on teaching skills that can be passed down for generations, to “break that generational curse” as Julis says. Some advice from the businessman himself? Keep reading.

Start off with the end in mind. “Start off knowing what your end goal is and have a plan to achieve it. Understand what your life will look like once you’ve reached that end you’re working towards.”

Know your ‘why’.A lot of people in business struggle to get past obstacles and end up quitting because they think it will be easier than figuring out a way to get past this setback. If you remind yourself of why you started, quitting won’t be an option.”

Be committed. “Motivation is easily fueled by emotion. So one day you can be heavily motivated because you woke up in good spirits, but on days where you may be experiencing some difficulties, that motivation is gone.  So, I always say move with commitment instead of motivation, because your level of motivation might change day to day but your commitment will always be there.”

Julius is truly leading by example in turning his trials into triumphs, never allowing any perceived limits to deter him from achieving success in all realms. 

“I’m blessed for all the obstacles that I’ve learned and grown through, because now I can help the next person who may have that same type of problem. I can guide them with my own experience to hopefully make their road just a little bit smoother than mine.”