Meet Pankaj Goswami And Ankit One Of The Youngest Digital Marketers In India


“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.” –Amrita Sahasrabudhe, VP at FastMed

The rewarding career of digital marketing is attracting more and more talented and young professionals each year. Age doesn’t seem to be a barrier as long as you have the grit to achieve your dreams. Digital marketing is mutating into an ever-growing genre of marketing that can accept more and more budding marketers. The influencers in highlight today are Mr. Pankaj Goswami and Mr. Ankit Singh, both proficient in implementing digital marketing and blogging services and generating astonishing revenues for website. Both of them are in their early twenties and have already managed to establish a successful career in digital marketing.

When we think of someone with an extensive and demonstrable career, we always associate the age factor with it. These young prodigies have proved that it is possible to maintain a rewarding career in your adulthood. Mr. Pankaj Goswami hails from the beautiful city of Haldwani in Uttarakhand. He completed his schooling at a prestigious public school and then carved a digital marketing career with his sheer determination. Although he opted for a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, his interests kept shifting towards digital marketing and its impact on the consumers.

He elaborates on his exhilarating journey to success. He says, “I come from very humble beginnings. Haldwani is a great place to enjoy your life but it holds very little potential in the career aspect of the students. I opted for a degree in Commerce because my educational background was Commerce. I didn’t follow the regular path to land a job after my graduation. Instead, I worked on utilizing my knowledge from my educational background and implementing it with digital marketing campaigns. I had the knowledge about markets, its functioning, consumer behavior, and when I combined that knowledge with digital marketing, the results were astounding.”

Mr. Ankit Singh is also an adept digital marketer who shares the same inclination towards blogging and digital marketing. He hails from Varanasi and has made his foray into the blogging space during his school years. After establishing a recurring audience on his blogs, he slowly converted them to generate revenue while informing the users. He has established many successful blogs to date, all of which are monetized and generate business and profits for his clientele. His clients are not just limited to the country, as he has long-term collaborations with high-profile industry giants. He has no intentions of stopping anytime soon and intends to create a long chain of digital marketing agencies worldwide.

Mr. Ankit Singh elaborates on his career path. He says, “Young students and graduates seldom think outside the box. They try to stay in their comfort zone and are afraid to take steps outside, even if it can turn into a successful venture. I am currently pursuing MSC Agriculture. If you look at my educational qualification, I should never be a marketer. But the industry does not work like that. I never subdued my passion for blogging even after the inception of my college life. I chose to maintain a balance between my interest and my hobbies, both of which have proven beneficial for me. I would like to share a piece of advice. Never be afraid to take risks, especially at the beginning of your adulthood phase, and be away from individuals who try to question your decisions. It is the only time when you can afford to work towards your passion and if you do that, success will follow.”

Due to their expert knowledge of Digital Marketing and Google Web Analytics and self learning capabilities they both manage to generate 30 Millions on Facebook and 14 Million of traffic approx and generating million online.