Meet Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar Young Dynamic Leader & Winner of Change Award


As a young influential politician and leader, he has worked relentlessly and endlessly to do the better in society and support the youth.

Sometimes it may take years for people to realize what they really seek in life and for some, they see and understand the situations around them, learn from their experiences and make their aim to work for people, which becomes their motive in life. This motive helps them turn from ordinary individuals into extraordinary leaders of our society who work incessantly towards the betterment of people by dipping their hands into projects or niches that go ahead in profoundly changing people’s lives.

Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar did the same and today is known as a well-respected young politician, who has been giving his endless support and efforts as the Vice President of Indian Pencak Silat Federation and the President Association of MIXED MARTIAL ARTS to support youth in India.