Meet Sukham Bagga – A Thriving Business Woman, An Successful Fashion & A Travel Addict!


In today’s time, people can have multiple occupations if they know how to balance them. Thanks to technology and social media, many people have made a career online as influencers or bloggers. One such personality who made the mark is Sukham Bagga. Sukham is a successful businesswoman by profession and a lifestyle blogger by passion.

Sukham’s journey started 10 years ago when she got actively involved in working for her family business. Her family runs the hospitality industry, have their own banquet and a chain of spas, and a hotel. So it’s a busy yet thriving professional life for Bagga. But our lady knows how to make the most of it. Sukham Bagga says that being in the hospitality industry had made her fall deeply in love with travelling. She makes sure every year she visits different places and stays at exclusive properties around the world. About her love for travelling, Bagga shares, “I believe the world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page. Travelling is the only thing you buy which makes you richer.”

Along with being a travel freak, Sukham Bagga is also a fashion addict. That’s what her blog is also about. Sukham says that fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. The blogger further states that one should never underestimate the power of being well-dressing.  In today’s time of easily fading trends, one should have their originality in the way they dress and carry themselves.

Another interest of Sukham Bagga is fitness. She never leaves a chance to workout and believes in healthy eating to maintain a fit lifestyle. Books are also our business woman’s best friends. She finds reading relaxing and invigorating, that helps to stay away from the mundane life at times. One can see all these sides of the talented and gorgeous lady on her social media page, especially on Instagram. Talking about her achievements, Sukham Bagga was given the Certificate of Excellence at The 2021 Global Choice Awards for being the Inspiring Woman of the Year (Blogger/Influencer). Bagga expresses that she feels elated to win the honour and is happy that her work is getting noticed at such a great level.