Meet Tedi Ticic, Aiming To Make a Difference in People’s Lives Through Entrepreneurship


The young talent is driven by his passion and relentless drive to make it huge in the business world.

It is always amazing to learn about all those people who aim to climb the mountains and wave the flag of hard work, resilience and passion high in the sky with the aim to inspire the world. The business world is one which has so far welcomed innumerable such talents across niches and has proved that, at the end of the day, only hard work and a strong determination matters to get people nearer their desired goals and visions in life. There have been professionals and entrepreneurs across industries who truly are an embodiment of the same and, through their struggles and life’s journeys, have shown people how essential it is to have a firm eye on one’s goals and stick to the same with an optimistic approach in life. We came across one such highly talented and passionate professional and young entrepreneur, named Tedi Ticic, who is all about this and much more.

If anything, that fascinated Tedi Ticic from a very early age; it was everything related to the entrepreneurial world. He saw how many other youngsters in the world were driven enough to believe in their dreams and take pertinent efforts towards the same. Tedi Ticic, since then, has made it his absolute resolve to do something different and make waves in the vast entrepreneurial world.

He was born in Croatia in a town called Zadar. Tedi Ticic lived in a small village and then moved to the city named Rijeka. This European youngster has seen many hurdles on his path but still aims to create milestones in his career for his biggest dream to be a part of the entrepreneurial world and, with that, also create a positive difference in people’s lives. The youngster studies computer science and loves learning about computers.

Tedi Ticic reveals that his main goal is to help as many people as possible through whatever he chooses to do in his career and life. Also, when he finds time for himself, he loves reading books about body and mind. We wish this youngster all the luck to achieve the success his heart seeks and the confidence to take on the world of entrepreneurship.