Meet the CEO Behind AlfaSage’s Coolest New App


We love hearing about new apps that are taking a new spin on the world of social media. A new app called 20Hz released by the company AlfaSage Ltd might be something worth looking into.

AlfaSage came to light in October 2018, when it was just a website live streaming service. However, this year it was decided that it would switch to being an app-based service instead of a website one. The reason given for this was because they believed it would have a better level of impact in terms of engagement for the younger generation of people using social media platforms today.

The New App 

The new app was created to allow users to chat, livestream & post without any ads or tracking data. It is a streaming application and has a variety of amazing videos that you can access from potential content creators that you might engage with.

It brings you a brand new way to look for things to keep you entertained and to introduces you to brand new experiences and interests that you may not have even know that you wanted to try or learn more about.  

20Hz allows for users to create live streams on their profiles whilst attaching amazon affiliate links. These links, when successfully promoted, allow users to gain tokens for purchases & clicks. Tokens are then cashed out for real money in their local currency.

This app could potentially allow influencers to increase their level of profitability whilst using social media applications benefiting from the time they put into the platform. Truly an interesting concept for the 3.96 billion people currently using social media today if they decide to make the switch.

The CEO 

So, who is behind this creation? Antonio Roulet. Roulet is known to be one of the younger CEOs, who, like the others out there, has decided to take a more conventional career path whereby they are self-employed. This trend is proved more common today as younger people have access to high-speed internet & resources online.

It is a great time to start up their own business, largely thanks to the power of social media and the fact that they can easily make connections with other like-minded business owners. In doing this, they make sure that they can give their business idea the boost they are looking for. Approaches such as crowdfunding, allow entrepreneurs like Antonio Roulet to raise much-needed capital. In an ever-growing decentralized world, crowdfunding has proved a remarkable resource for younger companies without the contacts for venture capital firms to reach their financial goals in pre-seed capital.

Antonio Roulet, who is still young, has already tried to make his mark on the modern world of business. He has founded 2 companies, 20Hz, and Swiss Summit Capital. However, now he is the CEO of AlfaSage Ltd.  

A mixture of Swiss and British heritage, when Antonio is not working on his place in the business world, he is also a musician. This helps him to think creatively about his businesses and allows him to understand the industry that he works within.  

We are excited to see not only what will happen in the immediate future for Antonio but also the new technologies that his company might develop in the coming years.