Meet Victoria Gilbert: Australian Entrepreneur & Coach Who Is Changing Lives Daily


Victoria Gilbert is on a mission & changing lives, this entrepreneurial mother of four is living a purpose filled life helping people from all walks of life shine.

Relishing in her role as an Empowerment Transformational Mentor, Victoria helps her clients live their best lives by navigating them through life’s hurdles. She has been creating jobs on the Central Coast & Newcastle through her business Cleaning Divas Services since 2014.

Partnering with the love of her life John, she is helping clients heal naturally through their CBD company Embrace Wellness Oils & The Embrace Wellness Healing Centre. From business mentoring and donating to charities, she is determined in her mission to change the lives of those affected by abuse or socio-economic circumstances.

Thousands of people have received random coffees at the hand of #thebossvmovement created by Victoria to simply bring joy through a cup of coffee into the lives of strangers. When you ask her why, she will simply state “I live everyday with a purpose!”

Victoria is a force to be reckoned with and yet is such a heart centred soul. Her drive and passion for changing lives has come from her own struggles through life having faced many hurdles that many would use as an excuse for what’s lacking in their lives.

Being totally authentic she helped pen “Green is the new Black” by James Phelps, the last chapter being in her own words to doing TV and Radio interviews about her journey. Most recently, Victoria was interviewed for Beauty in Strength Podcast with Darcia Leonard giving raw insight into her life and the learnings of which she imparts in her life daily and to her clients.

Victoria is currently establishing a program to break the cycle she witnessed inside our jails in the hope to reduce the impact of crime and violence in our society.

Her next mission is to impact the lives of millions globally.