Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition is the first PC game to exploit the PS5 DualSense Controller


Developer 4A games are re-releasing Metro Exodus for the PC, PS5 (review) and Xbox Series X (review) and Xbox Series S in the form of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. While the PC version of the enhanced edition is now available, the console version of Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition will release on June 18. One of the updates coming to the game on PS5 was support for DualSense features like Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback. It looks like PC players are experiencing these features before PS5 players. 

As reported by VGC, the hotfix that was released for Metro Exodus on May 21 brings with it support for the DualSense Controller. The release adds the following:

Fixed issue with DLC Entitlements unlocking incorrectly
Fixed issue where Vsync would lock to 60fps even when higher refresh rate is possible
Fixed crash in Two Colonels specific to RTX2060
Added PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller support
You can learn more about Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition here.

In our opinion, the DualSense feels like the next step in evolution when it comes to game controllers. Games like Returnal (review), Astro’s Playroom and Resident Evil Village (review) use some of the features of the controller. Even the upcoming Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is expected to exploit the features of the DualSense. Metro Exodus developers have said, “anyone who’s frantically tried to pump up the pressure on their Tikhar in the middle of a pitched battle will be able to imagine the kind of thing we’re aiming for!” with the DualSense Controller. 

It’s nice to see the features of the DualSense controller exploited on a PC game. The more games that support the feature, the more developers will be inclined to implement it. While Astro’s Playroom is the only game that dials the DualSesne features up to 11, it will be interesting to see how other developers implement the feature to add an immersive gaming experience.