Microsoft wanted an iPad so they built their own and launched it in India; Here are its specs


Microsoft launched the Surface Pro X in India, an ARM-based Windows tablet.Microsoft went Apple’s route and launched an ARM-based Windows tablet in India called the Surface Pro X, not to be confused with the Intel-powered Surface lineup it already sells. The new tablet has something different because similar to an Apple iPad, the Surface Pro X uses a custom-made SoC (System on Chip which contains the CPU, GPU) called SQ1 and SQ2. 

These are Qualcomm chips designed to run an ARM-based Windows 11 OS. For the uninitiated, ARM is an instruction set, which is essentially a command for CPU in machine language. The Windows platform traditionally uses the X86 instruction set usually found in Intel and AMD CPUs but the Surface Pro X with its SQ 1 ARM chip uses the ARM instruction set. “How different is the experience though” I hear the anxious PC audience asking but I can only tell you that once I get my hands on the tablet, until then here’s all you need to know about its specs and other important details.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Specs, Details, And Price In India

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is the thinnest and most versatile 13-inch Surface device on the market, that’s not me claiming it but Microsoft’s press release. It weighs in at just 774grams the tablet is packing in a custom-made 8-core ARM-based Microsoft SoC. I cannot predict its performance but right off the bat, it’s safe to say that the device’s battery life will be more than the Intel-powered version because of the change in the Instruction set. 

Furthermore, the Surface Pro X comes with a 5.0MP front-facing camera with 1080p video recording capabilities that automatically adjusts to lighting conditions. The camera software also has an AI that makes sure that the selfie camera follows your gaze. Microsoft also claims that a combination of dual far-field Studio Mics and optimized speakers deliver the best video calling experience, so I am making a mental note to test this feature thoroughly as I am writing this article. 

The Surface Pro X does look stunning though thanks to a high-resolution 13-inch PixelSense touchscreen which also has a built-in kickstand. The Surface Pro X also has a signature keyboard with dedicated storage and a charging flap for Slim Pen 2. In terms of I/O, the Surface Pro X has two USB Type-C ports and a dedicated magnetic Surflink featuring an extra USB Type-A. 

Remember that I mentioned that Windows traditionally runs on X86-based CPUs as well as it turns out so does most of its native apps like Microsoft Office, Teams, and third-party software like Photoshop and Lightroom. The Surface Pro X is ARM-based so such apps should not work as well but Microsoft is ensuring us that they do thanks to a high level of optimization. All these things and more will be put to test once we get the device and if you want to purchase the tablet right now then here are the available configurations. 

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