Mighty Doom is a Doom game for Android


In what could be considered as a rather surprising discovery, turns out, there’s a Doom spinoff for Android that’s out there in early stages of testing. The game is called Mighty Doom and it allows players to take control of a mini slayer in a top-down shooter style game. The game seems to stay true(ish) to its roots of being a shooter and doesn’t appear to be an endless runner.

The game is being developed by Alpha Dogs, a studio under Bethesda Softworks, both of which now come under Microsoft after the tech giant’s recent shopping spree. Alpha Dogs is also the studio behind Wraithborne, an RPG with high-quality graphics available on both iOS and Android. What is interesting is that Mighty Doom has been on the Google Play Store for a little over a month now, but is only accessible through an early access program. Currently, you can’t even search for the game from the Play Store app on an Android device and if you do manage to get to the game’s page, you still can’t install or run it.

This is not the first time that a AAA title under Microsoft’s guardianship has found an offshoot make its way to mobile. The Gears of War franchise saw the addition of Gears Pop to its portfolio, a game exclusive to the mobile platform. The “Microsoft” exclusive Forza Motorsport also saw a mobile version of the game be released on Android and iOS. Now with Microsoft having acquired all of Bethesda, it isn’t surprising that Microsoft would try to bring other AAA titles from this portfolio onto the mobile space.

Mighty Doom isn’t a port of Doom Eternal or the recently released Ancient Gods 2 DLC but is instead an interesting standalone shooter. The short video of the game shows that its still got all the familiar demons and your mission is to still “rip and tear,” but this time, in a mobile-friendly format. Neither Microsoft nor Bethesda have officially announced the game, but given that it’s been in early access for over a month, we expect that an announcement should be coming soon.