More than 2,000 Skoda Superb Combis to be part of New Zealand police fleet


Skoda Auto will soon be delivering the first of about more than 2,000 Superb Combis to the New Zealand Police department. The Czech car manufacturer won the tender process against its competitors.

Skoda says that during comprehensive test drives during the tender process, the 2021 Superb outweighed competitors with its handling characteristics, high safety standards and spaciousness, leaving the New Zealand police officers impressed.

Seven vehicle manufacturers took part in the selection process with a total of 27 different models to choose from as the New Zealand police department was looking for a new vehicle for patrolling. Out of 27, twelve models were shortlisted and then tested by the law enforcement officers under real-life conditions. The officers examined the vehicles on parameters such as performance and braking, emissions and serviceability as well as total running costs.

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2021 Skoda Superb Combi
2021 Skoda Superb Combi

Gradually, the 2,000-unit strong fleet of the New Zealand police department will be replaced by two- and four-wheel-drive Skoda Superb Combis. The first 100 are expected to be in service by the end of June while nearly 400 more will be deployed by the end of the year. All 2,000 Superbs are scheduled to be delivered within a maximum of four years.

Skoda says that its vehicles are used by police and emergency services in other countries as well for their daily operations. Skoda is a part of the fleets of 30 European authorities, including Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

The most common Skoda vehicles that are a part of police fleets include the Superb and Octavia. In the UK, the compact SCALA is also in police service. In its home country – the Czech Republic, Skoda has delivered more than 20,000 vehicles to the police and the Ministry of the Interior since 1993. These vehicles include the Octavia, Superb and Kodiaq.