Mortal Kombat Director Simon McQuoid Says His Film Is the ‘Best Version’ of the Iconic Video Game


Mortal Kombat filmmaker Simon McQuoid says that the film has violent scenes and they have not toned it down in any way. According to, the film is an R-rated big-screen reboot of the video game. The filmmaker says that there has never been any discussion regarding losing the game’s essense in the film. Demon Slayer Vs Mortal Kombat Box-Office Battle Gets Crowd Going in USA Cinemas Amid Pandemic.

In an interview with, he said: “If there was ever a conversation about that, it was well before we got involved. When I signed on, the conversations I had with the studio – that never came up, there was never anything from them.” He added: “They were always very much embracing and respecting what ‘Mortal Kombat’ is and doing the best version of that.” Mortal Kombat Review: Critics Believe This Movie Adaptation Of A Hit Video Game Is Strictly For Gore Lovers.

In fact, Producer E. Bennett Walsh added that they tried to amplify the action sequences for the screen. “It was the reason to make it, to make it in that space. We were trying to take the action sequences to a new level,” he said.

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