Mother’s Day 2021 Dates Around the World: When, Why, and How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Across the Globe? Everything You Need to Know


We just have to wait for a couple of days for Mother’s Day 2021! Every year it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May which this year falls on May 9 BUT that is not the case across the globe. Yes, various countries celebrate Mother’s day on various dates. While daughters and sons everywhere may have wiped out the hallmark greeting card section in honour of their mums. However, you’ll be surprised to know that Mother’s Day will NOT be observed on May 9th in all the countries.  As humans, we are quite myopic in our perception of the going on’s in the world. Take, for instance, every year when Mother’s Day rolls around most of us wake up with a panic-inducing thought that we just missed it, and then you look up the date and realise – it’s true – you did miss it!  As you curse the gods for your oversight, it dawns that you don’t live in the United Kingdom and you still have a few days to go before you roll out the red carpet for your mother in your country. Which is a long-winded way to say, contrary to popular belief, mother’s day is not celebrated on the same day around the world. The dates differ.

This is because Mother’s Day in the various country have their own historical and cultural significance. Of course, this year mother’s day might be a bit different amid a pandemic-stricken world, but you can still plan virtual dates with your mother. Just make sure it’s on the right date. To ensure that it is, Here are varying Mother’s Day dates in different countries. Here are a few Digital gifting ideas for your mum on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day In The United Kingdom

Unlike The United States, UK celebrates Mother’s day on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This falls around the end of March. In  1500, the day was celebrated as a Mother’s festival, where they would take the day off work, return to their mother church in order to honour Mary, the mother of Christ,  However, over time, it morphed into a celebration of their own mothers with cards, gifts, and brunches.

Mother’s Day In The United States

The American origins of mother’s day can be traced back to 1908 when a peace activist during a civil war – Anna Jarvis – held a memorial for her late mother. She believed that they do more for us than anyone else in the world. Subsequently, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared that the second Sunday in May would become a national holiday in celebration of mothers.

Mother’s Day In France

The origins of this day can be traced to the Woman Equality Movement. Mother’s day also known as  Fête des Mères, in France was inspired when in 1904 the government decided to honour men – who were viewed as the head of the family- with large families—4 or more children—in order to encourage them to have more kids in the light of low birth rate in the country. The honour was later extended to women and was given the same status as men. They were also recognized as the head of the family. In 1920 the government declared it a national holiday. The holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. However, it is moved to the following Sunday if Pentecost falls on that particular day.

Mother’s Day In Bolivia

A group of Bolivian women took up arms against the Spanish Army on May 27, 1812, in order to win freedom for their country. Since then Mother’s Day in that Country is celebrated on May 27th to honour the woman who lost their lives in the fight. It was officially declared a national holiday in 1927.

Like we said, every country have their own customs, traditions, and dates on Mother’s Day. Countries like Mexico, Canada, India have the same traditions and dates as the United States and copious other countries do not identify with those particular dates or customs. However, there is one thing that remains ubiquitous, and it’s the celebration of the most important woman of our lives.





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