Muhammed Youssef Explains Why There Is Joy in Helping Students


Helping children selflessly is one of the best ways to give back to society. Every day you may see hundreds of kids with torn clothes and not getting enough food to stay healthy. Do they not deserve a better future? They do. But there are hardly enough people who think about them. Muhammed Youssef from Qena, Egypt, thinks that every child should get an education to lead a better life in the future. 

According to Muhammed, “Where we are born is not in our hands. Some are born in the house of billionaires, while some have homeless parents. As the privileged half of society, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the less fortunate children get the same level of education as everyone. Sure, learning professional skills from a young age can help you get a job quickly. But you cannot undermine the value of education. No matter how skillful a person you are, you still need some basic education in life. And that’s what I’m trying to provide to these children.”

Building the foundation for a better future

Muhammed comes from a humble family that values education more than anything. His father says, “As long as you are an educated person and have good moral values, you won’t easily stoop into doing something unethical. Why do we see so many burglaries? Because they don’t have the money to eat. I’m not defending them at all. But if you give these people education and teach them how to lead an honest life, I don’t think they would rob innocent people anymore. Education can make you a better person in the future.”

Ever since his childhood, Muhammed saw homeless students in his locality. It was after he became a freelance graphic designer that he had the money to gather resources that would help him start his charitable community. The man with the golden heart said, “I’m not a millionaire who can start a school in a few months to help these students. It took me time to plan everything step by step. 

I started by convincing the parents of the students first. That took a lot of time because many couldn’t believe that their children would get an education for free. They thought I was running some scam. But once a few students went back and told their parents, that word started to spread quickly. I had to arrange for books and everything alone. Fortunately, a few volunteers came forward to help me. which became my team later. Most of them were experienced teachers from nearby schools and experienced students at colleges that shared with me the same vision. They not only provided books but also taught the students every day. It was a group effort that made this whole plan work so smoothly.”

Muhammed’s future plans

Muhammed has only managed to cover the Upper Egypt region. He wants to expand his community and provide education to other students in Egypt. With the community growing every day, it’s only a matter of time before he achieves his dream.

The students in Muhammed’s community love him like their big brother. And that’s what giving can give you in return. Their priceless smiles are worth far more than what billions of bucks you may make in your lifetime.