Mumbai Police withdraws colour-coded stickers for vehicles, e-pass still needed


Amid the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown or curfew in Maharashtra, Mumbai Police has decided to withdraw its earlier order to affix colour-coded stickers on vehicles plying during this period. The earlier decision, which was aimed to help vehicles on essential services to operate with more ease, now stands cancelled. However, for travel inside city limits, the colour coding system will continue.

Meanwhile, the police has reintroduced the e-pass system. Mumbai Police said that the e-pass system has been reintroduced for inter-state and inter-district travels.

“The e-pass system has been reintroduced from Friday and citizens should use it in the case of absolute emergency,” said Director General of Police Sanjay Pandey. “People have to apply on and submit the necessary documents and mention the reason,” he said. He also added that those who can not access the online system can visit the nearest police station to procure it.

The colour-coded stickers were introduced last week when Maharashtra announced strict restriction on movements amid rising cases of Covid-19. The colour-coded stickers were divided in three categories. Red stickers were for vehicles used by healthcare professionals such as doctors, medical staff, ambulances and medical equipment suppliers. Green stickers were meant for vehicles transporting essential items food and dairy products. The orange sticker was for vehicles used by people involved in essential services.

The e-pass system was introduced for the first time during the lockdown from March 25 last year. Lakhs of passes were issued to vehicles involved in transporting people or items for emergency and essential services.

Maharashtra is India’s worst affected state in terms of positive cases and casualties due to the ongoing pandemic. It has issued fresh restrictions on travel from Thursday night.