Music Resides in Heart and Soul, the Nightingale of Bhajan Industry – Dr Menka Mishra


“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” – John F. Kennedy.

A wise man once said, ‘keep trying until you succeed’. Instead of settling for something in life, we should keep on trying until we make it through. Menka Mishra, the singing star we know today, tried hard to get where she is today. We are awed by the success we see in a person’s life. But we are least bothered to know the struggle behind. However, Dr. Menka Mishra never allowed any obstacle to come in between her and her passion. She was passionate about music since she was a child. She started singing as a hobby and out of interest. But that hobby brought her name, fame, and several other accomplishments. After her bachelor’s, Menka married Shri Arvind Mishra, who is a gentleman who supported her aim. After marriage, Menka pursued her master’s in music and later, after having two children, a Ph.D. from the University of Allahabad. After passing the voice test for All India Radio, Menka entered Akashwani, and from there, her musical career took off. She became very popular there and even got opportunities to do various concerts.

Menka Mishra has worked with various music companies so far like Wave, Dc, Kv, Vijay Lakshmi, and T-Series. She is one of the popular faces of the T-Series. Most of her songs have been recorded under the T-Series banner. Some of her famous music albums are Jai Ganesh (T-Series), Mohan Murli Ban Lena (T-series), Bansuri pe Kanha (T-Series), He Mahaveer Hanumat Namh (T-Series), Prem Deewani Meera (T-Series), Ahsas (T-series), Sai Chalisa (T-Series), Maiya ka Darbar Saja Hai (T-Series), Shubh Karini Vaishno Devi (T-Series), Pyar Hai Bepanah (T-Series), etc. Menka has also recorded some Bollywood songs with Shaan, Kumar Vishnu, Udit Narayan, and Jaspinder Narula. Menka also runs a show on a YouTube channel called “Humari Vyatha” in which she talks about the social issues in our society. She discusses topics like dowry, rape, acid attack, etc.

Dr. Menka Mishra has been an inspiration for everyone. Her hymns are featured on national devotional channels like Satsang, Aastha, Sahara TV, etc. She has also given performances on Zee Tv, ETV, and Sahara TV. Menka has also judged a music show titled “Folk Jalwa” on ETV. Moreover, she has won many awards, titles, and prizes in her musical career. Some of them are listed below:

  • Awarded “Top 50 Indian Icon Awards” for best performance in “Santana Soul of Music” by Jaspinder Narula in the year 2017.
  • Certificate of appreciation for performing at a concert that supports the social cause of “Hunger-free India” in 2017. The concert was organized by “Dharma Bharti Mission”.
  • Certificate of merit for singing at the “National Cultural Festival 2016”.
  • First Prize at “Ekta Mahotsav” for the presentation of Bhajan and Geet in the year 1995.
  • Awarded certificate of appreciation in vocal light music performances “Chalo Man Ganga Yamuna Teer” in 2005 and 2016; and also, in “Rashtriya Shilp Mela Mahotsav” in 2012.
  • Certificate of appreciation for the presentation of Sufi Bhajans at “Bhadohi Mahotsav 2018”.
  • Awarded “Teerth Raj Kala Ratna” for Sugam Sangeet in 2015.

The audience will hear a song written, sung, and composed by Menka Mishra very soon. “Saawre Piya”, is a love song taken from “Thumri Ang” with a modern style of music. Another song that will be released very soon is a Sufi composition of medieval poet Malukdas Ji, which has been composed with a new form of music, titled “Almast Fakira”. The next is a romantic Ghazal, titled “Pyar Karun Tujhse”, which will also be released very soon for Menka Mishra fans.