Musical Artist CMILL444 Is Quickly Becoming the Latest Youth Favorite


Collin Michael Miller – The name may not be familiar to you unless we call out his stage name. CMILL444 –  Rings a bell now, doesn’t it? Well, it’s sure too, because CMILL444 is one of the biggest upcoming stars in the music industry right now and for good reason. In recent times, singer and composer CMILL444 has been receiving international acclaim for his songs which have become a hit among the youth globally for his positive messages and the artist’s genuine passion for composing. Read on to find out all about this young lyrical genius and his contribution to the music world.

Born and raised in Michigan, CMILL444 is a man with a mission far beyond just creating music. He doesn’t believe in putting out songs, one after the other, just for a quick buzz and money. CMILL444 is an artist who believes music is a true art and must be given the attention and respect it deserves. CMILL444 states, “After all, music is one of the greatest gifts to mankind and to put out cheaply produced songs just for your own personal gain would be nothing short of a crime.” CMILL444 is also very passionate about using his music as a means of communication. He believes that it allows him to bare his soul to the world, expressing his deepest desires and emotions without fear of judgement or misunderstanding. This is why many listeners of CMILL444 say that they feel a very deep connection to his songs and to CMILL444 himself, which is obvious considering his songs are no less than an extension of his own personality.

The novelty of CMILL444’s music lies in his range of composition and the dexterity he shows in his albums. With a discography ranging from genres such as R&B, rock, hip-hop and pop, CMILL444 has something for everyone. Some of you may be questioning if this variety in compositional methodology is because he hasn’t found his own style and calling yet. That isn’t the reason at all; rather, CMILL444 made this decision on purpose, so that he could offer something for everyone, regardless their favorite genre. Instead, we notice continuity as each and every song that CMILL444 has produced has a certain rhythm and flair which expresses his individuality.

Coming back to the range of music which he produces, CMILL444’s latest album is a testimony to this fact. His album “High Off Life” was one of the global hits for 2020 and had a total of 17 songs. Each of the songs is completely different from the next, even though they have all been composed by the same man. According to CMILL444, “there is no one who won’t like”High Off Life”…I’m sure that you will find at least three songs in the album that you will absolutely fall in love with.” We challenge everyone reading this article to go and listen to CMILL444’s music and try to prove him wrong!