Mypencildotcom Magazine Brings Inspiring Real-Life Stories of the Common Man to Famous Personalities


Mypencildotcom magazine is an upcoming fastest-growing digital magazine in India. This magazine aims to touch inspiring aspects of personalities of different professions. This magazine focus to bring inspiring stories of successful personalities of different fields. this includes stories of the common man & famous personalities too. Mypencildotcom became very famous in 2020 just after the launch itself. they featured Riya sen on the cover of the magazine, the story published was much appreciated by the readers & got everyone’s attention. The very next edition featured Manu bhaker, Arjuna Award winner. Soon they decided to launch one edition every month wherein they had featured on cover people like Deanna Panday, Jaya Kishori, Kate Sharma, Gaur Gopal Das & Anna Hazare.

In each edition, the magazine brings inspiring & motivational life journey of personalities from different fields like an industrialist, sportsman, authors, anthropologists, art model, international facialist, fashion model, Bollywood stars or Hollywood personalities, engineer, doctor, etc. Knowing that various professions may have different challenges, Mypencildotcom magazine aims to bring the beautiful aspect of each profession. Also, knowing different professions may have different challenges in life, so the magazine talks about different challenges.

Recently magazine bought the story of celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas, who is a recognized skincare expert and founder of her eponymous skincare collection, which is focused on one thing: beautiful skin. Combining her commitment to plant-based ingredients and her passion for science, Joanna’s nature-meets-technology approach has made her one of the most sought-out estheticians and experts in the beauty industry today. Similarly, they bought an inspiring story of Anshu Malika, who has her own NGO at the age of 17. Similarly, the Story of doctors like Silpi who is a responsible dentist shares her story about the pandemic. The story of Dr. Smruti Smita Mohapatra, a veterinarian, is also appreciated on their platform.

The idea behind the magazine is to bring inspiring real-life success stories. These stories can be of a  common man, famous people. Magazine believes that each individual has a story to tell, any story can inspire others. Filtering content and bringing useful inspiring stories to the world can help to influence others in a good way. Mypencildotcom magazine brings one edition of Digital magazine in each edition covering around 10-14 inspiring realm life success stories. Stories aim to focus different professions, personalities of the different profession has different responsibilities. Along with responsible, they all have different career paths. the magazine aims to highlight these career paths.

The magazine is growing very fast and has a growing fan following especially from the youth of all kinds of professions. The company is also planning to invest in TV commercials to take it to next level of branding. This branding of mypencildotcom shall come in a big way in the years 2021 & 2022.