National Brother’s Day 2021: From Brothers to Step Brothers – 5 Movie to Watch With Your Siblings Today


Brothers are quite special. No matter how annoying they might be, they will always hold a special place in one’s heart. Today, May 24 is celebrated as the National Brother’s Day 2021 in the US. The annual event takes place on this day in honour of brothers, their role in the family, sibling bonding and brotherhood. Movies have also celebrated this special bond through different movies. While we saw them fight against each other in some, other films showed how brothers can do anything for you. National Brother’s Day 2021 in US Wishes, Greetings and HD Images: Netizens Share Lovely Quotes and Messages to Celebrate Their Brothers.

To celebrate the amazing human beings that brothers are, we decided to list down five films that best explain this bond. From Brothers to American History X, some movies top the list and should be watched with your brother right away.

Sam And Tommy Cahill From Brothers

Sam And Tommy Cahill From Brothers (Photo Credit: Instagram)

While this bond is very special, Brothers showed us the other side of this relationship. Sam Cahill is a US Marine captain, while his brother, Tommy, is a recently reformed criminal. Tommy makes amends when Sam’s helicopter crashes, and he finally steps up for his family. But when he returns home, things become more complex.

Jimmy And Clyde Logan From Logan Lucky

Jimmy And Clyde Logan From Logan Lucky (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Lohan Lucky is a film that tells us the story of Jimmy, who is suddenly fired from his job working at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. He decides to rob the place as he knows his way around it. And guess who accompanies him? It is his brother, Clyde, a veteran of the Iraq war and an amputee. Happy Brother’s Day 2021 Quotes, WhatsApp Messages, Greetings, SMS, HD Images and Wallpapers To Celebrate National Brother’s Day in the US.

Brennan Huff And Dale Doback From Step Brothers

Brennan Huff And Dale Doback From Step Brothers (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Step Brothers is a story of two brothers from another mother. This film an epic tale of how two stepbrothers make it in life when together. The story revolves around Brennan Huff and Dale Doback, who are legal adults living at home with their parents. Brennan’s mom and Dale’s dad decide to get married and the two have quite some difficulty adjusting to their new reality. However, they quickly realize that they are basically soulmates, and their bond grows better.

Charlie And Ray Babbitt From Rain Man

Charlie And Ray Babbitt From Rain Man (Photo Credit: Instagram)This duo was a rather unusual pairing that the audience got to see in Rain Man. The story revolves around Charlie Babbitt, who discovers that he has a brother after he goes to find out what will happen to his late father’s estate. Charlie becomes quite careful, and upon developing his relationship with his newly discovered big brother Raymond, he finds out that Ray is an autistic savant. The two go on quite a journey of brotherly bonding after this.

Derek And Danny Vineyard From American History X

Derek And Danny Vineyard From American History X (Photo Credit: Instagram)

We often see how younger brothers idolize their older brothers, but American History X is a story where things go wrong when ideologies clash between the brothers. The story revolves around Derek and Danny Vineyard. Derek Vineyard is a neo-Nazi while his younger brother Danny is a white supremacist. the two clash at several points in the film before  Derek decides to pull Danny back from the brink.

Here is wishing all the brothers a happy Nation Brother’s Day.

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