National Devil’s Food Cake Day 2021 (US): Here’s Recipe For This Delicious Chocolate Cake (Watch Video)


National Devil’s Food Cake Day is observed annually on May 19 in the United States. This event is often enjoyed by cake lovers and chocolate lovers. This chocolate cake is America’s favourite which is rich in flavour and moist in texture. They get their chance to celebrate their love for the dessert on National Devil’s Food Cake Day. Devil’s food cake appeared at the beginning of the 20th century as the counterpart to the white angel food cake. Some say the cake gets its name to distinctly contrast from Angel’s food cake, which is much lighter in comparison. Meanwhile, on the occasion of National Devil’s Food Cake Day 2021, we will share with you the recipe for this yummilicious chocolate cake. National Marshmallow Day 2021 in Australia: Here Are Some Interesting Facts About This Delicious Confectionery.

Devil’s Food Cake recipe was first printed in 1905, but food historians believe, that it might have appeared earlier. Devil’s food cake is very similar to red velvet cake and two names could substitute each other very often. Red velvet cake was even called red devil’s cake because of its reddish colour and mild flavour of cocoa. Devil’s food cake is no ordinary chocolate cake. Devil’s food cake tends to have a darker colour than usual chocolate cake and a special coffee flavor. The main secret of moist texture is in boiling water, which is added instead of milk.

Devil’s Food Cake Recipe 

Mixing science with desserts, the cake gets its darker colour from its higher pH levels due to the added baking soda. The cake uses cocoa instead of chocolate squares, making it even fluffier. As more and more types of cakes have been created over the years, “devil’s food cake” is a super-chocolaty cake that doesn’t have nuts. On National Devil’s Food Cake Day 2021, you should indeed prepare this unique cake and enjoy it with your loved ones.

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