National Sunscreen Day 2021 Date, History and Significance: Here’s All You Need To Know About This Important Observance


When we were kids and posed with fun and quirky questions of “Which is the largest organ in our body,” we hardly ever gave a thought to the answer – Skin. While we do a lot to take care of most of our body parts, our skin is often neglected and suffers the wrath of the weather, sun, chemicals and more. And when it comes to taking proper care of our skin, the first thing that comes to our mind is sunscreen. To raise awareness of the importance of this everyday essential for one and all and highlight how it can protect us against serious ailments, National Sunscreen Day is celebrated on May 27. As we prepare to celebrate National Sunscreen Day 2021, here is everything you need to know about the celebration.

When is National Sunscreen Day 2021?

National Sunscreen Day 2021 will be celebrated on May 27. This annual celebration stands as a reminder of the importance of sunscreen in our everyday skincare routine. The celebration of National Sunscreen Day is significant. It reiterates the overall benefits of putting on sunscreen, debunks several myths surrounding its use, and increases awareness of its role in our good health. Sunscreen on Cloudy Days? How to Choose the Right SPF during Monsoons.

History of National Sunscreen Day

To understand the history of National Sunscreen Day, it is important to know about the journey of sunscreen itself. Sunscreens are essential sunburn prevention creams and were created as early as the 1930s. In 1974 when scientists discovered that the UV light from the sun could do more harm than mere sunburns, the importance of sunscreens grew significantly. However, even still, the use of the cream was reasonably limited. However, it is a known fact that sunscreens can help your skin in multiple ways. From providing extra protection from the harmful UV rays to preventing ageing, tanning, sunspots and more, there is a lot that this simple everyday product does.

How is National Sunscreen Day Celebrated?

Every year, to celebrate National Sunscreen Day, skin experts and skincare lovers and dermatologists all highlight the long list of benefits that sunscreens promise. In addition to this, people also take this opportunity to bust various myths and share fun facts about sunscreens. You should apply sunscreen even on the days you plan to stay indoors since indirect sunlight can also affect your skin. But most importantly, the role of sunscreen in preventing skin cancers, which has become increasingly common, is highlighted on this day.

To celebrate National Sunscreen Day 2021, we hope that you have an abundance of sunscreen and know just how important it is for every one of us. Another vital thing to remember is that the application of sunscreen is essential for every skin tone, irrespective of their gender, since it essentially acts as a layer of filtration between the sun and your sensitive skin. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy National Sunscreen Day 2021!

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