Nepal: Amid Ongoing Political Turmoil, Provincial Lawmaker Threatens to Kill Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli


Kathmandu, June 12: Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Nepal, a provincial lawmaker from the opposition Nepali Congress has threatened to kill caretaker Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

Narottam Baidhya, a provincial lawmaker from Bagmati Province, threatened to kill Oli while criticizing the recent expansion of cabinet and unconstitutional moves.

“While talking about Nepal’s present scenario, Oli is rising in such a way that he has been compromising every aspect of governance in order to stay in power and save his chair. If we let Khadga (Prasad) Oligo loose then the country would collapse” Badihya said while raising his hand in the air.

While making a reference to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse, he made an appeal to “save this nation,” adding that “if no one is ready” then perhaps he will.

After the provincial lawmaker made the statement in the Bagmati Province Assembly, there was sharp criticism from within the party as well the CPN-UML (KP Oli led faction).

Nepali Congress spokesperson Bishowprakash Sharma late on Friday evening called on Badihya to retract his statement.

“No one should lose their conscience whether they are on-road or parliament. Statements made after losing temper should be retracted and self-criticism over it should be made. The party won’t cover up for the mistakes committed by making such statements,” the party spokesperson said.

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