New Tesla Model X deliveries will now be done in October, says report


As a disappointment to those eagerly waiting for their latest Tesla Model X and Model S electric sedans, the deliveries have been delayed, according to a report by Teslarati.

Initially, the tentative date for the delivery was the month of February this year, however, now the customers who ordered the Tesla Model S have been asked to be patient with the delivery and the dispatch of Model X has now been moved to the month of October.

Any further delay in Model X deliveries may push dates to next year and as per the report, the revamped car may not come to the market in 2021. Also, new orders can only be made from January next year.

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The report also stated that the electric vehicle maker has set a target of selling 2,000 units per week ,that is roughly around 100,000 a year for these refreshed models. This delay to bring the cars in the market may cost Tesla quite a bit as the company aims for annual revenue of over $10 billion from these revamped models.

The EV brand announced these to be the ‘Plaid’ version, replacing the ‘Performance’ range. These new Model S and Model X cars will have new powertrain which includes battery modules, drive units and battery packs in common with Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y. The cars will have entirely new interiors and exteriors and will also possess a lithium-ion 12V auxiliary battery and heat pump.

Tesla has hit a rough patch for some time now as its relationship with China, the world’s largest automobile market seems to be on shaky grounds. With all the controversies surrounding spying of data and faulty brakes, the company recently also saw a drop in its sale in China last month based on an agency’s report, but it did see a rise in its exports to the European market.