Nicu Cociug: The 16 Year Old With A Finance and Investing Social Media Agenda


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an influencer as someone who “inspires or guides the actions of others” and with technology being a key part of so many people’s lives nowadays, what better way to inspire and guide the actions of others than through social media? Influencing people comes in numerous forms, and many have stepped up to the task of becoming an influencer, but very few have reached and truly influenced the lives of people in the way that Nicu has.

Nicu reaches hundreds of thousands of people each month with his finance and investing content through his accounts on social media, which although extremely impressive for his age is not what really sets him apart, what makes him different as an influencer is not how many people he reaches, it’s in what way he reaches them. In spite of the fact that he may be younger than his peers he does not let age get in the way of striving to be someone who, as Merriam-Webster put it, “inspires or guides the actions of others”

He says “one of the first few times I actually understood just how big of an impact I could make through social media, was when one of my really good friends named German saw one of my posts about a stock and took my advice, later that day I got a message from him saying “Brother, you just put bread on my table” this came to me as a shock because I was just posting this kind of content for fun, I didn’t really understand at the time I could literally change a person’s whole situation just by making sure they see the right stuff, finance and investing wise, which was the kind of content I was producing and sharing to my following ”

Nicu says that a countless amount of his following have messaged him with similar stories of the way that he has impacted their lives financially and helped them understand finance and investing as a whole much better through his social media’s, so even though he may be just 16 years old, he is a different kind of influencer, not one who only influences people digitally and online, but one who has actually changed the lives and financial situations of many for the better.