Now, US approves ‘voluntary departure’ of its non-emergency Govt employees from India

NEW DELHI: The United States has “approved voluntary departure of non-emergency US government employees” from India. The US State Department updated its travel advisory for India on Wednesday, to authorise this. Last Wednesday (April 28), it had approved the voluntary departure of family members of US government employees from India. “US citizens who wish to depart India should take advantage of available commercial transportation options,” it says.
The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for India — that advises US citizens not to travel there — due to Covid-19, indicating a very high level of pandemic in the country.

From May 4, resections have been imposed on travel of non-citizens/residents from India to US with some exceptions. “We encourage US citizens who wish to depart India to take advantage of currently available commercial flights. Airlines continue to operate multiple direct flights weekly from India to the United States. Additional flight options remain available via transfers in Paris, Frankfurt, and Doha,” website of the US Embassy and Consulates in India says.