Op Dr Soner Tezcan Talked About ‘Brazilian Buttocks’


A well-rounded butt is a must for women’s body. Women who have a straighter butt because of genetical reasons and weight loss are able to attain their dram physique through “Brazilian Butt Lifting” (BBL). The most demanded operation by foreigners coming to Turkey is BBL as well. And so, how does this process continue? Below, Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan answers this question for you.

With the role-modelling of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Nicki Minaj, Brazilian Butt, which is the symbol of plump booty, has become a fashion in recent years. Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan said that “Brazilian Butt Lifting” (BBL), which is also known as “Brazilian booty surgery”, is one of the leading cosmetic operations demanded by people that come from foreign countries to Turkey.

Giving significant informations, Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan stated that the patient must be examined in a detailed way: “For women’s physique, there is a protrusiveness starting from around the curve of waist area and ends around leg. And this protrusiveness gives a beautiful appearance to butt. A massless butt causes a waist curve and legs to seem thicker than they are. However, treating this deformity is possible. But, first, the main cause for this kind of deformity must be found through proper examination. Then, the patient is informed of the surgical technique and the whole operation, in detail. I can easily say that, in recent years, the most preferred butt surgery is Brazilian Butt Lifting.”



Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan: “BBL includes two main steps. The first one is liposuction, and the second one is injecting this fat to specific areas of the butt (the fat that comes from liposuction). The excessive amount of fat that exists in the areas such as stomach, waist, and back is taken away through liposuction. Thus, the body becomes thinner. In the second step, the fat is injected to the deformed places of the butt. Through filling empty areas, the butt gains its ideal shape.”

Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Soner Tezcan: “After the operation, the patient may have to stay in the hospital for one or two days. A corset should be used. In the first week, oedema and sensitivity around the area is highly possible. In the seventh day, the patient should be examined. If the doctor approves, the patient can have long trips. After 10 days, the patient can start exercising.

“The injected fat may not be long lasting. A more permanent appearance requires at least 3 sessions. The percentage of sustainability of the fat injection in the body for a year varies from %10 to %30. So, it should be remembered that the most ultimate result comes with an average of 3 sessions, with 6 months of gap between the sessions.”