Out Of Love Season 2 Review: Rasika Dugal And Purab Kohli’s Drama Gets Edgier With A Change In Pace (LatestLY Exclusive)


Out Of Love Season 2 review: Remember that tense dinner scene in the last episode of Out Of Love‘s first season? Meera exposes her husband’s extra-marital affair in front of the family of the girl he is seeing. The pulsating energy of that scene was a perfect finish to the season which was stacking up for this particular scene. The second season, streaming on Disney+Hotstar, quickens its pace and could be a worthy successor.  Rasika Dugal: If You’re Invested in Your Work, Audience Will Be Invested in Your Story

Now before we go any further, here’s a disclaimer. Only two episodes are streaming on the platform. The rest will be added weekly. So this review is based on our summation of the first two episodes.

Meera (Rasika Dugal) has settled in her life post her philandering husband Akarsh Kapoor’s (Purab Kohli) exit from her and her son’s life. But the fun was short-lived as Akarsh returns to Conoor with his new wife and kid after three years. Thus begins a fight between the two where Akarsh wants Meera gone from Conoor and vice versa, all at the cost of their son Abhi.

The first season was a slow-burn. It all began with Meera finding a strand of hair on her husband’s clothes. Throughout the season, her angst, the feelings she was suppressing were preserved like a ticking time bomb that ultimately explodes. In the sequel, Meera is on attack mode and she is not going to wait for long to dig it deep. Within the first few seconds, the season establishes its focus which adds some momentum to the thriller. Now, this could be attributed to the change in the person on the director’s chair. Oni Sen, the director of Asur, takes the mantle from Tigmanshu Dhulia and Aijaz Khan. This could explain the shift in the execution. Out Of Love Season 2 Trailer: Purabh Kohli And Rasika Dugal’s Revenge Gets Brutal And Vindictive (Watch Video)

Now if we compare it with the first season, the sequel does heighten the drama in the first two episodes but it doesn’t bother you. The reason being the characters have undergone a massive shift in their structure due to the events of the previous season. Meera is no longer the quiet and heartbroken woman taking time to work on her anger but a confident mother who would do anything for her son. Akarsh’s evilness has reached epic proportions as he is out for revenge now. Their son has grown up and understands the dynamics much better now. Others in the cast have also evolved in their space. We have a feeling a lot of layers will be peeled by the end of it.

Let’s talk about performances now. Rasika obviously gives Meera her identity and strength. Even in situations where one could go overly dramatic, she never loses restrain because Meera has never been a person who overly expresses herself. Rasika Dugal is an extremely powerful actress, Out Of Love proves it. Purab Kohli has taken such a shine to this vile character who is without any remorse. That evil twinkle in his eyes when he speaks to Meera with contempt and a smile on his face is enough to make you angry.

The only grouse that we could figure out was the way the series is being rolled out. With half the population back inside the house, Out Of Love season 2 could have benefitted from being a binge-worthy series. This weekly episode format is a downer.


– Pacy sequel

-Fantastic performances

-distinctive character evolution


– Lost opportunity for a binge-watch

Final verdict

In the first two episodes of Out Of Love season 2, it’s clear that it will be a tense and gripping fight between Meera and Akarsh to see who becomes the last person standing. Hence, it should be your perfect weekend entertainment.

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