PancakeTools Progresses To Public Sales : Reports


Pancaketools is pleased to announce the commencement of Public Sales, following an amazing and successful Private Sale. Those who missed out on the private sale now have a chance to key in and take positions.

The public sale is expected to take place on 26th March 2021. However, things are poised to happen faster than expectation; hence PancakeSwap will list PancakeTools on its exchange the same day.

What makes PancakeTools unique?

PancakeTools comes with lots of noticable packages that distinguish it from other packages you can find elsewhere. PancakeTools is the pioneer pair pool and explorer on the Binance Chain, which puts you in total control of your trading in PancakeSwap.

PancakeTools is the first pair pool and explorer on the Binance chain. With PancakeTools, you can control your trading in PancakeSwap.

PancakeTools powered by TCAKE Token

PancakeTools is powered by the native currency TCAKE, a utility token modeled on a deflation system. Currently, there are only 200M TCAKE tokens in circulation. Every quarter, 50% of profit derived subscription and advertisement will be in buying back TCake from the market before the tokens are burned. This ensures the token is not subject to hyperinflation.

TCAKE to be listed on exchanges

PancakeTools has the vision of listing TCAKE on several exchanges. This milestone’s first step is to list the token on the PancakeSwap exchange on 26th March 2021. The token would be listed with the price of $0.0225 per unit. However, 1BNB is equal to 12,000 TCAKE.

Why you shouldn’t miss out on PancakeTools

PancakeTools has a lot of exciting components that should stimulate your interest. Below are some of them:

Trading Strategy: PancakeTools enables trading novices to grasp the crypto ecosystem, thereby enhancing their ability to make the right decisions and trade independently. This will not only improve your trading skills but also help you make a profit and minimize losses.

Data Analysis: PancakeTools offers you data analysis in real-time. Data are not only analyzed, but they are presented on the Trading View chart for easy access and understanding. With this, your dependence on professional traders is minimized.

Pairs & Pools: PancakeTools also provides you with real-time graphics to enable you to follow pairs that are profitable. You can as well view your trading history or add your pairs when you need to.

About PancakeTools

Website: Click Here

PancakeTools is a new concept designed to help you be in charge of your trading on PancakeSwap. It is the first pair pool and explorer on the Binance Chain.

Its role on the PancakeSwap ecosystem is similar to the role of Dextools on Uniswap. This innovation promises to upset the way things are done on other exchanges.

The platform offers two important packages to its subscribers – the Standard and VIP packages.

Standard Package: Though this package comes with several amazing features, it is absolutely free to use. Some of its features include pool explorer, real-time data and chart, desktop price alert, 6 favorite pairs, token/token pairs, and stable coin pairs.

VIP Package: This is designed for paid subscribers. It comes at a competitive price. This package’s fantastic features include pool explorer, real-time data and chart, desktop/price/mail alerts, no ads, token/token pairs, and stable coin pairs.