PantyJoy Monthly: Delivering Affordable Panties to Your Doorsteps


The best creations are motivated by experience, a sense of service and ultimately love. And that is what PantyJoy Monthy is, a love project co-founded by Michelle Profit and her best friend based on their experiences.

The two women understood how most ladies struggle to get quality underwear and panties at affordable prices. They also know the frustration that comes with having to wait for the semi-annual sales at stores for cheap panties only to rush there and meet many other ladies in need of quality panties at a reasonable price.

Created by women for women, PantyJoy Monthly is an online monthly panty subscription service that offers quality panties and a fetish panty option perfect for those intimate moments to bring the sexy on. At PantyJoy Monthly, shopping for panties is a fun-filled and memorable experience for everyone.

The brand’s core is rooted in the concept that ladies want to get a fabulous bargain for panties with unique options while having it all delivered to their doorstep. Not only does PantyJoy Monthly make shopping for panties fun, but they also create a haven for ladies willingly to explore their sexuality while getting a decent bargain for unique panties.

On top of that, the brilliant team behind PantyJoy Monthly have also created a community on social media to encourage all women and their subscribers to share their experience with other Lovelies. The company’s site has a feedback section where subscribers can share their personal experience with the brand, highlight what they like and dislike, encourage and uplift others through word and action to “flex for the gram.”

PantyJoy Monthly is set out to knock out the competition as the only minority-owned online panty subscription service with a low subscription rate targeted for young millennials, suburban moms and all women who want to look sexy and confident without breaking the bank.

Attributing the milestones reached by the brand to the enthusiastic group of ladies supporting the brand and working behind the scenes to make PantyJoy Monthly a considerable success, the new brand hopes to explore unlimited possibilities.

In five years, Michelle hopes to expand from a brand or a business to become a household name, nurturing a community of women, supporting themselves and other female entrepreneurs. In a statement, Denise says, “we are a brand established by women for all women, and ALL Women are what drives us.” She continues, “we are going to continue to expand and evolve by validating our strong community of women and listening to what they demand.”

Although many women have joined the company’s subscription base, the brand’s ultimate goal is to get women from every walk of life to be a part of the community support orbit. As a revolutionary company reforming the underwear and panty game, Michelle and her partner count on women’s continued support. At the same time, they work harder to elevate the company by assuring quality panties at affordable rates. To know more about PantyJoy Monthly, visit its official website.