Parents Are Learning The Easy Way To Raise Resilient Children With Frank Dixon’s Best Parenting Books Series


The prevalence of technology in the modern age has taken a major cultural role and especially during the pandemic. It has affected children and there is an urgent need for parents to capitalize on this shift. Frank Dixon has designed the best parenting books series with simplicity in mind. His book series can play an incredibly powerful role in building out massively credible parenting footprints. No matter how hard things become, the sign of truly great parenting is dependent upon how parent’s role model for their kids. Dixon’s parenting books series helps parents understand how to be a good and effective role model for their kids.

The best kind of parent leads by example. Kids require unconditional love, affection and empathy from their parents and above all to love them for who they are. Dixon’s Best Parenting Books series is aimed to make parenting books that are easy to read, fluff-free, with simple, actionable advice, and proven parenting strategies backed by research. This leads to an overall better parenting experience, an effective and functional family with kids that grow up to become successful and flourishing adults.

Good parenting does not mean giving your child a perfect life. It means teaching them how to lead a happy, healthy and successful life in our imperfect world. This is where Frank Dixon’s Best Parenting Books Series is most helpful to parents who want to raise strong, independent, and resilient children. Dixon had a complicated childhood growing up. After his daughter was born, he was in search of my “Why” and purpose. He already had a knack for writing though he didn’t have any real direction.

It is a common saying, “Our thought shapes the spaces we inhabit, and our spaces return the favor.” After spending a lot of time thinking about his purpose and direction Dixon came to a point where he realized deep down it was highly important to him that other children don’t go through the same experience that he endured.

Dixon shares, “Whether we realize it or not, our childhood experience has a profound impact on our lives in adulthood. Knowing this and how important it is to me is what set me on a path to teaching the art of parenthood. My childhood experience was one filled with instability, cheating, lying, and manipulation. I persevered through my struggles and many parents and family members are able to relate to me on a personal level. My own childhood was ingrained with turmoil which left me a past filled with its share of guilt, shame, depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety. It often made me feel trapped, and is what set me on my professional course to help parents find direction.”

Nothing teaches us better than our own life experiences and this is what inspired Dixon. Dixon made a point to channel his negativity, pain, and suffering from his childhood experiences to illuminate a positive future for himself and others. Overcoming his rough upbringing was the hardest thing he had to do. However, it taught him a valuable lesson. Dixon became the person he is today, because of his childhood. This is when, he decided to share his experience and knowledge with new parents who want to avoid the same mistakes, who want their kids to succeed in life, who want to build stronger, happier, healthier families to give their child the best chance to grow into successful and thriving adults in an increasingly tough and challenging adult world.

Dixon has released two series, the Happy Children Series and the Vital Parenting Series and a third series in progress with books being released in 2021 through Q1 of 2022. The first book, “How to Raise a Leader” was released in May and up for pre-release is, “7 Ways To Make Money For Kids”. Dixon has more books on the way covering bullying, co-parenting and much more.

Dixon’s background illustrates just how passionate and talented he really is. People at the forefront of any industry will take you more seriously and want to build meaningful relationships with you if you bring clear cut value to the table. His best parenting series does just that.