Paula Weckerle: A Salient Personality in the Modeling and Mental Health


Crafting a double career and having the strong desire to uplift those around her are mere anecdotes to Weckerle’s philosophy of beauty – creating a testament to the fact that mental vitality is just as important as physical appearance and that all are needed to achieve the Paula Weckerle glow: a true balance of inner and outer beauty.

While some may think that modeling and a passion for psychology do not go concord, this intuitive model, with beauty in both mind and body, proves that the two are not mutually exclusive.

“I love it because you get to know people,” she responds when asked about modeling. Though it is easy to see that her heart lies with getting to know the inner human being no matter what arena she is rivet in. Perhaps her talent and respect for mental health come from investigating it in such detail. For Weckerle, beauty is the perfect combination of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Along with her successful modeling career, Weckerle advocates mental health so wholly in her being that her most vital piece of advice to newcomers within the modeling world is to, “To start modeling at a very young age is not a good thing.

Furthermore, it is clear that mental enrichment is a cornerstone of success for her – education being at the forefront of this success. When asked to provide advice for model enthusiasts, she said, “Good advice for girls that want to start modeling is that they should watch a lot of videos online, on Youtube, on fashion shows, study a little bit more on the topic because it’s actually a very nice profession. Very difficult, but also, it is very honorable.” She goes on to discuss her hopes and dreams for the future: “I want to validate my diploma. I want to be a psychologist or a therapist here in the USA, and I want to help people with addiction management.”

It is both notable and fortify to hear an experienced model place such value and importance on mental health pursuits and quality mental health , though once you get to know a bit more about her, it comes as no surprise that her studies in Brazil, where she hails from, were focused on psychology.

Weckerle now lives in New York and exudes positivity about her life: “I love New York City, I’m very grateful that I’m here.” She has spent the last four years building up her client base and going from strength to strength as she uncovered more about her own goals and priorities.

She counsel  young enthusiastic models, “You should finish your studies and figure your head out. The modeling industry can be very tough, so you have to be mentally strong.”