Pen, Paper, Great Ideas & Stories, Introducing Summer Cooper


Throughout history, it is observed that literature, poetry, books, and all other forms of writing have made a different in people’s lives, changed their mindsets, and perspectives. From William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, to Jane Austen, multiple authors have blessed people with literary masterpieces. The literary pieces created by these authors are like a safe haven that influences society and helps them pass their days with ease. These authors, who have new ideologies, also enable people to think out of the box. With their best-selling novels, these authors proved that incredible stories could change people’s lives. It is why it is not wrong to state that an author can create beautiful stories with just a piece of paper, pen, some great ideas, great words, putting them into creative sentences. One such author who has always loved writing and creating stories is Summer Cooper.

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, on MMDD, 1975, Cooper is a writer who spent most of her teenage years brewing thoughts and writing them down. To her, an author is someone blessed with the ability to pour their thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. She proudly uses her skills penning down books for her readers can read and enjoy. Despite being a licensed hairdresser, graduating from Hairdressing School, Cooper was keen on pursuing her passion. Apart from being a hairdresser, Cooper also attended the University of Fairbanks, Alaska, and completed her Health Care Reimbursement Certification Program. After graduating in 2020, she started working on her books.

Journey of a Natural Born Author

Cooper focuses writing on topics that center around the genre of teens and young adults. Her observations from when she was a young child to how she has grown up are depicted in her stories. Her journey of becoming an author initially began when Cooper moved from Alaska to six miles north of Talkeetna into the woods. The beautiful place, which was only accessible by train, three-wheeler, and a snow machine, was also one of the main reasons why the author found her comfort zone to write down what she felt. Cooper spent her teenage years spilling words on paper. It helped her polish her writing skills, even more, enabling herself to open doors to opportunities as a future author, which she is today.

As Cooper grew from the teenager to an adult, she focused more on writing stores that teens or young adults would read. She started brainstorming solid and appealing characters which would interest the reader. Her idea was not just to write down a book to satisfy herself and her soul. Cooper wanted readers to enjoy what they’re reading, which is why she worked on writing down the story. She tried to make it engaging for the readers as well. It helped her realize that one’s story needs to have a fast pace for a reader to enjoy it. This made her pen down two books. As an author, Cooper is satisfied and content with the kind of work she’s doing. It is not just because she is someone who loves writing. For her, it’s something that is of great value. She wishes to use this ability by penning down her words for people to read. In her journey of being an author, Cooper has also been lucky with a family that supports her talent, encouraging her to keep writing. Her biggest inspiration is her husband and her parents. Cooper’s parents always encouraged her to do what her heart says despite the education she has pursued. Her soul mate, her life partner, too, supported the idea of work for what the spirit says. Cooper states, “My husband has been a constant support in my pursuit of becoming a published author since the first day we met. He recognizes the passion I have for storytelling and encourages me all the time. For this, I am forever thankful!”

Being lucky, blessed, and fortunate at the same time, Cooper wants to leverage this to write more books. She aims to bring about a change in people’s lives, allowing them to dwell into the creativity of her books, forgetting the world for a while. The strong characters of her stories, the steady pace, and how she reaches the climax truly reflect an author’s abilities. She not only impacts her reader’s lives but has also impacted her life in multiple ways. Her books entertain, educate, and enhances readers in different ways. Today, Cooper is an example of how one elevates readers with expertise and knowledge. She reflects wisdom in her books and eventually learns from the books she writes. Cooper wants to influence people every day by writing books that help people grow and elevate, perceiving life in ways that one could only imagine!