Petrol and diesel price today hiked for the 23rd time in less than six weeks


Petrol and diesel price on June 11 have been hiked for the 23rd time since May 4. In the latest hike implemented by the oil companies, petrol has become costlier by 31 paise per litre, while diesel price has increased by 28 paise for a litre.

Petrol price in Mumbai today has gone past 102 per litre. After the latest hike, a litre of petrol will cost 102.04. Diesel price in Mumbai has been revised to 94.15 per litre.

Petrol price in Hyderabad today has inched closer to the three-figure mark. A litre of petrol in the capital city of Telangana will now cost 99.62. Diesel is not too far behind with the cost of a litre going up to 94.57.

Petrol price in Bengaluru is also just shy of the three-figure mark. At 99.05 per litre, Bengaluru is one of the most expensive metros in India to but petrol. Price of diesel, meanwhile, has increased to 91.97 per litre.

Petrol price in Delhi remains comparatively affordable at 95.85 per litre, while diesel still costing under Rs-90 mark. A litre of diesel in Delhi will now cost 86.75.

Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, which is located near the international border with Pakistan and is the costliest place in India to but fuel, is just short of becoming the first place in the country where both fuel cost more than 100 per litre. Petrol price had gone past the three-figure mark a long time ago and currently stands at 106.94 per litre. Diesel price in Sri Ganganagar is just 20 paise away from breaching Rs-100-per-litre mark.

Since the start of the year, India has seen as many as 49 fuel price hikes in the first six months. Till March 24, when the oil companies stopped revising the price upwards just ahead of assembly elections in five states, petrol and diesel prices went up by 7.46 per litre and 7.60 a litre in 26 hikes. The oil companies resumed price hikes on May 4, after the state poll results were announced. Since then, in as many as 23 hikes, the petrol and diesel prices have gone up by more than 6 per litre. Several states, including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Ladakh, have seen petrol price go beyond 100 per litr