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Continuous training of the manpower necessary to fight Covid: PMInteracting with doctors and officials of Varanasi via video conference Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an emotional tribute to those who died of Covid-19.

“This virus has … snatched many of loved ones from us. I pay my humble tribute to them and I express my condolences to the families who lost people. In the second wave of the corona, we are fighting on multiple fronts at the same time. The rate of infection is also much more and patients are in hospital for a longer time,” Prime Minister said. He underscored the importance of continuous training of the manpower fighting Covid and advised the officials and doctors to conduct training sessions and webinars, especially for the paramedical staff and doctors serving in the rural areas. He also asked the officials to work towards bringing down vaccine wastage in the district.

Providing a new mantra in Covid management, he said, “Jahan Bimar Wahan Upchar” and mentioned that bringing the treatment to the patient’s doorstep will reduce the burden on the health system.

Giving a caution against the new challenge posed by black fungus in the battle against the pandemic, he said, “It is important to pay attention to the precautions and arrangements required to deal with it.”

During the video conference, the doctors from Varanasi briefed on the efforts undertaken in the last month to contain the spread of Covid, vaccination status, and the ongoing steps and plans to prepare the district for future challenges. They informed that they have been vigilant about the threat of mucormycosis and have already taken steps and created facilities for the management of the disease.

Further, Modi hailed the initiative of micro containment zones and appreciated the home delivery of medicines, and requested the health workers to make this campaign as comprehensive as possible in rural areas. He commended the work done by the doctors, nurses, technicians, ward boys, ambulance drivers, and other frontline health workers of Kashi.

Lauding the efforts of the medical team in Kashi containing the epidemic to a great extent, he urged against complacency and asked them to engage in fighting a long battle right now by focusing on the rural areas of Banaras and Purvanchal.

Emphasizing the important role played by Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA ) and Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANMs ) sisters in the ongoing war against Covid-19 in the villages, PM asked the health officials to take maximum advantage of their potential and experience.

“During this second wave, the frontline workers have been able to serve the people safely because they were already vaccinated. Urge everyone to administer the vaccine when their turn comes,” he added.