Poland Sends COVID-19 Vaccines for Its Diplomats in India


Warsaw, Apr 27: Poland is sending vaccines this week to have its diplomats in India immunised against COVID-19. A Polish diplomat was evacuated Sunday from New Delhi in serious condition, together with his sick pregnant wife and four children, and brought to hospitals in Warsaw.

The government official in charge of the inoculation programme, Michal Dworczyk, said Monday that the plane that went to transport the family brought supplies of oxygen and related equipment to the Polish Embassy in India and that some of these supplies have already been shared with other diplomatic missions in New Delhi, where some diplomats are sick. He didn’t specify the missions. France To Provide Oxygen Generators, Liquid O2 and Ventilators To Help India Amid COVID-19 Crisis.

The evacuated family, which wasn’t identified, was placed in two different COVID-19 hospitals in Warsaw. Officials said Sunday the evacuation was necessary because the diplomat required hospitalisation, which wasn’t available in India. They will all be tested for the variant of the coronavirus that they are infected with.

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